Kevin Di Serna on Finding Higher Consciousness & Deeper Connections Through Music

Lauren Krieger

Exploring the essential, emotional, and elevating elements of underground electronic music with Kevin Di Serna.

Kevin Di Serna is one of those artists who is especially adept at transmitting meaningful connections, intertwining inspiring elements of music and hypnotizing his listeners with soulful soundscapes that reveal underlying emotions. The word “deep” is thrown around often, but in Kevin Di Serna’s case it is an unavoidable description for the energy he transmits and the music he shares.

Born in Argentina, Kevin’s early influences like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Bjork & Radiohead laid the groundwork for his passion for music that alters moods through layers of sound. When he began producing, he aimed to create an impact through his own style of music, with surprise, emotion, and connection as its key qualities.

As a producer, I deeply feel connected directly to the Earth. The atmosphere and the pads with the melodies, I feel is like one journey of peace, harmony and illumination.

Releasing on labels such as Endless, Shanti Moscow Radio, Lost & Found, Sudbeat and Balance Music, Kevin has received the support of legendary DJs John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Solomun, Guy J, Nick Warren, Eelkle Kleijn, Guy Mantzur, and Omid 16B, among many others. Of course his passion for electronic music does not end in the production realm; as a DJ he has traveled across the world to bring his message to the dance floor, connecting to those who love to get deep and truly enjoy the journey of underground electronic music.

Kevin has stated that the most important thing for him is to “help raise consciousness in this world through music, to invite you to heal and connect with emotions”, something that can truly be felt when you listen. When I first heard his “Blessings” Remix of DJ Metatron – Spiral Worlds, I was inspired to learn more about Kevin Di Serna’s story, and am grateful for the opportunity to learn & share his thoughts.

What was it that first brought you into electronic music?

I feel a deep connection with MY music and with music in general. I feel it is a universal language of expression, communication and a means to connect with ourselves.

What attracted me was the hypnotic component. I love what it generates, the music that fuses groove and melody, the dynamic that connects with the physical (dance), emotions, the soul: everything in unity with our essence.

Do you still relate to the music in the same way as when you first began?

Exactly in the same way, I keep the purpose, I feel it will always be.

In what ways do you think your home country has influenced you as a DJ & producer?

From the country where I was born, I am influenced by several aspects. Argentina, it has a particular characteristic, being very passionate and carrying in my heart the things that tie it, of course, with no end is good. I feel it is good to work to find the balance.

Another characteristic that influences me is that with little you can do a lot. Sometimes having little added to the desire to do and create, it is very creative.

As a DJ and producer, my country is influenced by Hernan Cattaneo. His sets are deep, rich in melodic and compositional content.

Where do you find the most inspiration from?

In my experience, I have been more creative at times when I feel free from pressures and musical stereotypes.

A state of inspiration in my experience has to do with being connected to the moment, being present with what is happening at this moment.

What do you hope to communicate through your music?

This response is better than music, if I answer it in totality it may be conditioning me. I like to let the music be the one that communicates, however I could say that it has to do with the expansion of consciousness.

How do you think music connects to us on a deeper level?

Music is vibration, we are vibration too, therefore we are directly and deeply connected.

What have been some of your favorite moments behind the decks, on the dance floor, and in your career?

As DJ gig in Oceania, in a beautiful location by the sea, accompanied by a sunset and a very receptive audience regarding the emotional.

Some of the gigs in Beirut and Dubai, are still my favorites.

As a producer, it’s a beautiful feeling, when people tell you honestly about their experiences with music, when people tell me that it’s good for them, that it helps them through a moment, or when they tell me they deeply feel the message behind each track.

One epic moment in my career was when a person hugged me crying, saying thank you for what the music had made him feel.

It is also a beautiful sanction when artists like Dixon, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Âme, Lee Burridge, trust in your music and share it with more people in their presentations.

On the dance floor, an event that provoked me before and after: Lost in Moment in Berlin, the music of the event stimulated me a lot and the location had a plus to generate a wonderful atmosphere – it was in a small castle, surrounded by a forest.

Do you have any other passions that drive you?

Art in general, when a work really brings something positive in me, modifies me and gives me a life lesson, be it a book, a movie, a song, a track, a set, a photo, a lecture or a painting.

What current projects are you working on that you’re excited about?

I have several interesting projects that I visualized that go beyond the music itself, I can not say much more, to carry them out I need a team, it’s not something I can do alone, like a track.

Featured many times as a guest on FRISKY, click below to listen to Kevin Di Serna now:

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