Justin Massei on the War on Consciousness & messages in the music

Lauren Krieger

Justin Massei’s “The War on Consciousness” premieres on FRISKY DEEP

Justin Massei’s deep connection to the music creates unique and intriguing experiences for those who listen. His perspectives on the sound and its influence on our lives puts him in a powerful position to tell its stories and share its secrets, which he does through engaging DJ sets and distinctive productions. His energy and message cause him to stand out among the rest, earning a residency at Electric Monday Party at Tresor, getting tracks released on labels such as Selador Recordings, Sullivan Room Records, and Modern Day Music, and creating a FRISKY Artist of the Week set that was one of the highlights of the year. Now he is launching an exclusive show on FRISKY: “The War on Consciousness”, where he will be able to spread his message to listeners everywhere. The first to premiere on FRISKY DEEP, his show truly exemplifies the “explorations into the edgier depths of underground electronic music” that compose the DEEP stream. I caught up with Justin to learn a little more about him, and about what to expect with “The War on Consciousness”:


What is the inspiration behind the excellent name “The War on Consciousness”?

A few years back, I stumbled upon a banned TedTalk by Graham Hancock with the same name. It was 18 minutes well spent. So much of what he said and points he made in that talk resonated with me, and I felt that I wanted to somehow, help to spread the message. There is absolutely a war on our consciousness everyday, but when you become aware of it, learn to step back and see the attacks, you can become stronger in resisting them.

What do you hope listeners experience when listening to your music?

Speaking in particular about WOC, I wanted spread a sort of message or awareness along with the mixes. I tried to create a type of trademark by including a brief monologue at the beginning of each mix. Nothing too long or distracting, but short and powerful, hopeful to spark some thought within the listener. After that, each mix is my approach of depicting the mystery that is our consciousness, each time shaded differently through the lens of my state of feeling at the time. Ultimately, I hope listeners will enjoy the music deeply enough to get lost in it, yet make it out the other end more in-tune with themselves.

Is there a track from the early days that still “gets to you” when you listen today?

If I had to choose one, my all time, old school favorite is Fish Go Deep – The Cure And The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Mix). So many memories of my earliest clubbing days, when people actually danced, and closing out after-hours, lights coming on to this track, and everyone just working it to the very end. This track will forever ‘get to me’.

What is one of your favorite memories from your tours or shows last year?

My favorite moment of 2015 would definitely be playing the sunrise, closing set at Watergate in Berlin in May. One of my favorite clubs, playing my favorite set time, it was a very special morning for me.

What is coming up for you this year that you are excited about?

Release-wise, I have a single upcoming on Power Plant Records, included on the labels five year celebration VA compilation, and also included in my WOC [003] here. I will follow up the single with an EP on Power Plant and an EP with Selador later this year.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

How would YOU describe my music in one sentence?

That’s a tough question.

Inspiring yet sober…

How would YOU describe it, listeners? Tune in & tell us!


With a dedication to the music that brought him from Boston to Berlin, Justin Massei has more great adventures in the music ahead. Visit his website to catch up & find out latest: justinmassei.com.

Be sure to turn into the premiere episode of “The War on Consciousness” on April 7th at 2PM EST [convert timezone], to be a part of this newest beginning. And if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to his Artist of the Week mix now!:

Listen Now: Justin Massei – Artist of the Week