Just Her Takes Over FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

From Burning Man to Brighton, Just Her will be sharing an inside look on her life when she takes over FRISKY’s Instagram on Tuesday September 18th.

Powered by passion and driven by dedication, Just Her is one of those artists who does so much, in so many different areas, that you can’t help but feel motivated to do more yourself. This year seems to be as busy as ever, both personally and professionally, and seeing as she considers herself “a self-confessed multi-tasker”, I have a feeling that she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

On the production side, her distinctive tracks have been on released on a diverse range of selective labels including Sincopat, Anjunadeep, Toolroom, Get Physical, Selador, Global Underground, and her own Constant Circles, which has been expanding its influence on the scene through events and showcases featuring a unique combination of music and visual art. When not busy at home in Brighton, her recent travels have seen her bringing her dynamic energy to a variety of locations; from India, to Ukraine, to Burning Man – the Just Her sound has been in demand on the dance floor.

With so much going on, and much more on the horizon, we’re excited to be able to get the inside insight as she takes over the FRISKY Instagram on Tuesday September 18th, where she’ll be giving fans a look into some of her favorite moments and every day experiences. Follow along tomorrow, and be sure to tune into her FRISKY show Helix, airing at 5PM EST / 10PM BST [convert timezone].

In the mean time, find out what she’s been up to and get a hint of what’s to come:

I know this last month has been crazy for you, getting married (congrats!) and celebrating your honeymoon at Burning Man with several gigs on the Playa – could you share with us some favorite highlights from these special moments?

Ahhh thanks! It really has been a whirlwind, but I can honestly say it’s been the best month of my life so far. It’s really difficult to pick any favourite moments from Burning Man as the whole thing is just so epic, but I can try and share a few. We watched the sunrise at Robot Heart and then saw Carl Cox do a surprise morning set. We got lost in a complete white out sand storm. We shed tears reading people’s messages of loss and hope at the temple. I watched my buddy (and label artist) Allies For Everyone do an amazing performance with live vocals. If I had to pick a favourite though, it would be playing a set on the most incredible art car called Airpusher, which was a huge Zeppelin Ship that drove around the playa with the music blasting and people following (and raving) on their bikes. It then parked out in the deep playa and people gathered around it to dance. There was the most beautiful sunshine and I played a few of my all time favourite house tracks, including one of our wedding songs!! It’s hard to describe how that felt.

I’d also love to hear about your recent trip to India, what was that experience like?

Actually India really surprised me, in a very good way! I spent 5 days out there and played in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and although I didn’t get much time off, I experienced as much of it as possible and tried the local foods in each city. The people were super friendly, the vibe was amazing at all three gigs, the food was incredible and I was basically just blown away by it all. Really hoping to head back out there later this year to play in Mumbai and Goa.

It’s obvious that you love being at home too, what are you excited about within the current scene in Brighton?

I actually enjoy the music scene in Brighton more as a crowd member than a performer. There is a really eclectic mix of music here and you get to watch some incredible artists play in the city (like my absolute favourite, Bonobo, who played the Brighton Centre recently). For deep/melodic house and techno the scene is a bit smaller. The thing that really does excite me in Brighton though is the visual art and street art scene here. We have some amazing galleries and art shops, there are exhibitions happening all the time and the street art scene is the best in the UK I think. I recently did a mini tour of my favourite street art pieces over at Data Transmission if you want to see some examples! It really does inspire me to push the visual side of my label more, which I will be doing in the coming months.

How do you like to spend your downtime when you are at home?

You may not know this but I have a BSc in Sports Science and am a qualified gym instructor, so fitness is still super important to me and I work out or run every day. Brighton in general has a really cool laid back vibe too, so we often just wander around the lanes, have coffee at the beach, every day feels like a holiday haha!

That sounds wonderful. 🙂 What would you say you are focusing on lately, personally and professionally?

With getting married the focus has been on my personal life for the last few months and work has taken a bit of a back seat. So right now my total focus is studio time and my label. I’m basically locking myself away to work on music for Anjunadeep, Global Underground, Sincopat, Einmusika and some other labels that will remain nameless for now. Plus in the background I am working on translating all my latest material into a live set which I will hopefully start performing early next year.

Is there anything for Just Her or Constant Circles coming up that we should know about?

My next release as Just Her is another track on the amazing Anjunadeep which drops 9th November. But one of the most exciting things I have coming up as Just Her is my first USA tour, which has been a little while in the making due to the rigorous visa process. However it now looks like it’s all going through and I will be heading out to the states from 2nd – 10th November for shows in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New York. I literally can’t wait!

My label Constant Circles is also fully back in action after a short summer (and wedding!) break, starting with a remix package that is about to drop including reworks of mine & Nandu’s track “Forget Our Love” from Quatri, Denite and Bruce Loko, followed by an EP from the amazing Jonas Woehl. I am also welcoming some new artists to the label, including DJ Counselling, Deeplomat & Dublatov, and a few others that will be revealed in time. We also have a string of label events between now and Christmas – starting on 29th September at North Shore Troubadoure in Liverpool and followed by showcases in Bristol, Brighton and London later in the year, with a couple of art exhibitions thrown in too. Check out www.constantcircles.com to keep up to date.

Lots of exciting stuff! And so much to stay tuned into. 🙂

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