Join Secret Cinema as he celebrates 25 years with electronic music

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Secret Cinema talks about his silver anniversary and upcoming special release.

3For two and a half decades, Netherland’s Secret Cinema has been regarded as one of the top techno producers and live acts in the world. Since the beginning, his passion and enthusiasm for electronic music has never faded, and today he continues to consistently thrill audiences at major venues and festivals around the world. His tracks have influenced producers and captivated audiences for generations, from 1994’s melodic rave anthem “Meng’s Theme” to 2015’s dark techno “Trrbulence”. On February 26th, he will be releasing a limited edition box set “SILVER” to celebrate 25 years in the industry and the tracks that defined his journey.

This week, Secret Cinema is FRISKY’s featured artist, creating an exclusive 2-hour set to promote this landmark accomplishment. I caught up with him to learn more:

What was one of your favorite moments from 2015?

Well actually it is a moment of 2016, but the pre-order for my SILVER 25 years of Secret Cinema box had an amazing response! That made me really happy and gave me the right feeling of doing something right. Always scary to give away so much of yourself, with a documentary, new vinyls, a usb with all releases so far and so on…

What do you think is one of the most challenging aspects of today’s electronic music industry?

The most challenging part is to stay in people’s sight all the time. With so many videos, photos and more and more social media coming your way, it is difficult to stay focused on what it’s really about….love for the music! it feels obligatory to be online all the time, but when to make music then??

Dennis Bouman Fotografie

Dennis Bouman Fotografie

You keep quite a busy touring schedule, how do you manage to keep energized and excited about each show?

Whenever I stand behind the decks I feel the energy coming from the crowd and that always get’s me all pumped up. I love the crowds, really loving it when people come to party with me as it is always something we do together!

Is there a message that you try to share through your music?

The message that I like to share is that music is personal and a very different experience for everybody.

It’s important for me that when you close your eyes, you can ‘see’ what you want in the music.

The true inspiration to the name Secret Cinema of course. I like to be serious about my music, but not too serious…it is also a moment to let go of everything and see a nice party night as a meditation and relaxing experience.

What is coming up next for Secret Cinema?

Really looking forward to this year! On February 26 my SILVER box set will be released and I will play a 6hour b2b with Egbert on the release party in my hometown Amsterdam. Also a new release is coming I did together with Egbert and I can’t wait to finally release it. We play it for a while now and the response has been amazing! Of course the SILVER tour is coming up this year. First Australia and after that Asia and Europe. That’s going to be a lot of fun!

Sounds like it will be another exciting year! Thank you!

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