Johnny Sacreé Reveals New iDENT_ITY

Lauren Krieger

In his emerging career Johnny Sacreé has already been making a deep impact on the scene. His small yet significant label iDENT has been catching the ear of legendary DJs like Alan Fitzpatrick, Maceo Plex, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Richie Hawtin, due to his modern and distinguished style of melodic house & techno. You can hear him DJing regularly at Green House at Junk and Goat Shed in Southampton, while his new FRISKY show iDENT_ITY will be showcasing fresh tracks from the Underground to the rest of the world.

iDENT_ITY premieres July 16th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] & can be listened to on-demand & offline anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get to know Johnny Sacreé before you listen:

What are some of the marquee moments for you which solidified your love for electronic music?

I have a few defining moments. I think the first one was growing up around my parents listening to music of all genres definitely started the process. At about 12 years old I remember hearing kids at school talking about Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on a Saturday night so I set my alarm and woke up at 2am to record an episode. I remember hearing the music and being totally blown away by what I heard and wanted to know more. Last one would be buying my first set of turntables and learning to spin vinyl at about 14 years old.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the electronic music scene/community?

Meeting like minded people who love music! When you do meet someone you can get lost down a rabbit hole for hours talking about production, djing or just music in general, and that’s pretty cool.

I read that your diagnosis with epilepsy is what drove you to teach yourself how to produce music – what were some of the greatest challenges of that time, and what advise would you give to others who find themselves in a similar situation?

Yes definitely. I had about 4 months off work and I hate sitting around doing nothing so I decided to start to teach myself how to produce electronic music. At the time the challenge was not knowing how the Epilepsy would effect my life long term so production was a good distraction. My advise to someone in a similar situation would be do something you love doing and set yourself a target however big or small. That’s exactly what I did!

What are your biggest motivations and goals today?

I’m motivated by new music and ideas. My longer term goal is to have a release on a label which is well respected in the scene and that resonates with my sound. Having my own Radio show was also another, so big thanks to the Frisky crew for helping me achieve that. Sharing the same station as Sasha, Nick Warren, Steve Parry, Paul Sawyer and Glenn Morrison is pretty cool too!

How did you start the idea of iDENT, and what does it represent to you?

iDENT started as a way to push out my sounds. I had no real long term plan with iDENT so I had no strategy. Things are different now but I’ve learnt so much from running the label and it’s definitely helped the production/writing process. I love managing all the different sides to running a label, the music, artwork, PR/Promo, Demo’s and licensing. Having a vision for the label is essential to make it grow and be successful. Something I didn’t have at the start.

What are some of the most important things that you wish to share through your music?

Good question………….and to be honest I’m not quite sure myself! My mantra is I try for my music to be rooted to the underground, be cool and also relevant in the industry. The label name iDENT came from the shortening of identity so I guess the music I make gives a window into my head!

What can listeners expect to hear with iDENT_ITY?

IDENT_ITY will be an outlet for unreleased music on iDENT hence the name. Also music which is big with me as a dj. Expect some vinyl only shows towards the end of the summer which who knows what that will bring!

Sounds exciting!

iDENT_ITY premieres July 16th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] & can be listened to on-demand & offline anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Johnny Sacree – iDENT_ITY