Joe Fisher

Joe Fisher Makes His Mark Through Flexibility & Creativity

R.A. Bakr

There’s no argument Argentina has become one of the most established areas in the electronic music world. The most recognizable names emerging from Argentina being Hernán Cattáneo, Dero, Martin Garcia and Deep Mariano among others whose sounds have been influential to many deejays and producers. Emerging from its discoveries in the eighties, South American electronic music has managed to captivate while further defining its uniqueness.

To say Argentine Joe Fisher’s influence as an electronic music producer and deejay is profound is an understatement. He has no doubt made his mark in the global electronic scene as one of South America’s house and techno greats.

With the main goal being creative challenges, listeners will expect the unexpected. It couldn’t be further from the truth that Fisher keeps challenging himself with his music and diverse sound. For that reason, it’s nonetheless surprising that FRISKY has chosen Joe Fisher to do a Feelin’ FRISKY guest mix.

Fisher’s style is one filled with South American/Latin influence tied with that of progressive house and techno. Every time I listen to one his mixes, I usually catch myself ‘dancing to the beat’ and no doubt you will be doing the same. Described best by Fisher, he just likes to “keep the dancefloor dancing”.

With amazingly diverse tracks, EP’s and numerous record label projects, Joe Fisher has set a standard for maintaining quality and quantity throughout his abundant career. He keeps true to maintaining underground status while enduring over 12 years in the industry.

Besides DJ-ing at Argentina’s hottest clubs like Bahrein and other prestigious venues such as Pacha, Amerika, Ryu, and La City Joe is on tour performing throughout South America or at the studio working hard on that next exciting track for us to enjoy. He’s released music on some of the best labels in the world. “I had the opportunity to release my music on amazing labels like Psykometrik, Flashmob Records, Frequenza, Kontact, Click Records, Mirabilis, Gramola, Substrate Music, Monza Ibiza and Habitat”, he describes. Further adding that Dani Sbert, Flashmob, Nihil Young, Zacharias Tiempo, Alex Nemec, Dr. Needles, and Joseph Mancino deserve his gratefulness as well.

In addition, Joe runs his own house & techno label Rezongar and Elephant Chords with his brother, where he releases music from new talents and with seasoned artists.

Joe Fisher has also caught the attention of international stars like: Eelke Kleijn, Dj Tarkan, Darin Epsilon, Flash Brothers, Cosmic Boys, D-Formation, Markus Schulz, Graham Gold, Gery Otis, Hernan Cattaneo, Sam Divine, Jimmy Van M, Robbie Rivera and Richie Hawtin.

Having recently had a Chilean tour, it’s a given that Fisher will continue providing quality music to the world and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

My interview with Joe Fisher was an absolute treat. FRISKY News got a glimpse into Joe’s world as he and I discussed humble beginnings, various projects, creativity, and of course what we as listeners can ascertain from his upcoming Feelin’ FRISKY guest mix right here on FRISKY.

Listen live on January 30th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone] or anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

This is exciting. So happy for you Joe, and thank you for taking time to do this interview. Your music is remarkable and I’m thrilled about your upcoming guest mix. So what were your thoughts when you received the news about doing a FRISKY guest mix?

I’ve been a FRISKY fan since the beginning of my career that would be 18 years. So I’m really happy and thankful about the invitation. I will prepare a special mix with my upcoming releases on Frequenza Black, Click Records and Monza Ibiza, and new stuff from my labels Rezongar Music and Elephant Chords.

I know you’re a huge powerhouse name in South America. If you would, tell me when and how did you first become involved in music? When and where was your first gig?

During my youth, I used to play electric guitar in Punk Rock bands. In the year 2000 I moved to New York for 6 months, where I discovered Electronic Music. Back in Buenos Aires, I decided I really wanted to get more involved, so I attended Sonica School with 2 friends, where I learned the basics of deejayng. Sometime later, I realized it was no longer a hobby, but a passion, that would never go away.

My first gig was in Jah Bar (Palermo – Buenos Aires). I received an invitation from the resident DJ, Nico B – Nicolas Beldi – to spin my vinyl. I was really nervous but after some minutes, I really started enjoying myself. I will never forget that 1st gig. And I’m happy that we are still close friends.

Today, apart from Argentina, I often get booked from other Central and South American countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil. So I’m really lucky I can take my sound abroad.

For me having a musical background and as a trained percussionist my entire life, I can’t help but to focus in on your break beats with all your tracks. In addition, to hearing a lot of drum synth, I hear guitar bass plus that added South American/Latin fusion. What methods go into your creative process? Guess I’m curious if there’s any organic elements.

Besides deejaying, I got involved in production about ten years ago. My first tracks were not really good; but, were still accepted by decent labels from all over the world. During these 10 years, I attended lots of different courses with amazing teachers that helped me develop my production skills.

Regarding my creative process, there’s not really a method I apply. Sometimes I start with a kick, snare and hi hats, sometimes with melodic elements, and sometimes I just start playing around. I focus on producing tracks that are always melodic and surprising, avoiding falling into monotony, and mostly aimed for the dancefloor. I guess the fact that I never quit learning really helped me improve my sound over the years. Today it fills me with joy the fact that I can transmit all I learned to new producers.

If I may say, your style at times reminds me of Erick Morillo. What producers, songwriters and/or other artists can you say have been your primary inspirations?

I remember listening to Steve Lawler sets a lot when he played Tribal House. I also bought a lot of Moonbootica vinyl. And I must admit I also paid a lot of attention to Tiesto during my first/earlier years. It’s been a while now since I started focusing mostly on Progressive House and Techno. But, I also enjoy Deep, Downtempo, Minimal. It all depends on the mood I’m in.

How do you define electronic music of today compared to 20 years ago?

I think technology opened a huge door for electronic music. Twenty years ago, there were not as many producers as we have today. Not everyone had access to analog equipment. Today, anyone with a good laptop, production software, some VST, and some good ideas and practice, can pull out a decent track. “Practice makes the master”. This situation has also pushed many DJ’s to start producing as well. Today, a complete artist must work hard on both areas to stand out.

How important is it for you to have listeners grasp the context within which your music is created? And what is it that you would like for them to take away after going to one of your live gigs and/or hearing your tracks via other means?

When I perform live, the first thing on my mind is the crowd I’m playing for. I always try my best to keep the dancefloor dancing during all my sets. If it’s too early, I will play more melodic stuff, if it’s peak time hour, I will play more intense music. I also spend lots of hours a week selecting the music I want to play on each gig. Trying to create a nice blend of new original music from producers I follow, my own new stuff, tracks from my labels, and why not add some old classics as well.

With that being said, what would you like FRISKY listeners to have after hearing and experiencing your mix?

FRISKY has a huge progressive house fan base. But in my sets, I like to show some variety of styles. So don’t expect an entirely 100% progressive set [smiles]

You’re a busy man with all of your projects and label management. What’s been your favorite project you’ve worked on? And how has that experience transpired/affected future musical projects?

In the year 2011, I started my own techno/tech house/progressive label project called Rezongar Music. I felt the necessity to release music from producer friends. It’s amazing the huge number of fans from all over the world the label has achieved during these eight years. Today I’m a bit more selective with the music we release, focusing on artists that are really pushing forward the global underground scene. Each new EP often reach Top100 Beatport charts, and receive feedback, plays and support from very well-known DJ’s. A couple of years ago we launched with my brother Paipmaister, a new label called Elephant Chords. It’s transpired where we give priority to local producers, and focus on House Music releases.

You recently released an EP with track entitled “Finite Time and Space” with GrooveANDYes. The title track includes some trance elements. What has this track represented to you?

This is a very special production for me, as it took as a really long time to finish it…and the final result was amazing! All the effort was worth it as no other than Zacharias Tiempo accepted to release the track on his label Kontact. It was a great success as the EP reached #4 position on various Beatport charts like on their Minimal / Deep Tech Top100 Releases chart, #10 position at Progressive House Top100, and the original mix reached #66 position at Progressive House Top100 Tracks Chart. I know this production has some trance melodic elements, but the essence is Techno. I have been playing it on most of my last shows and the reaction if always amazing.

How do you choose the people you collaborate with?

I like to work with artists that have a similar vision about music and similar production skills. Some of the artists I’ve been collaborating with are GrooveANDyes, Leandro Dutra, Del Fonda, Cosmosolar, Ezequiel Marinoni, and Sam Silva. I think making music with other producers really opens your mind.

Do you find yourself always prepared to capture ideas as they emerge?

Not always! [laughs] But one must be alert to absorb knowledge. There’s always something new to learn.

Besides working on music, what do you like to do for fun?

Playing metegol (imitation soccer), frisbee at the beach, futbol (soccer), eating, drinking, and um sex. [laughs]

Muchas Gracias, Joe for taking time with me and FRISKY in sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun! Plus it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and better insight into your musical world. Congratulations again on having a guest mix! Therefore, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final words?

Thank you for having me! I’m grateful for this opportunity and all the support received from fans and labels during these past years. And a lot more to come! Stay tuned.


Listen live on January 30th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone] or anytime after with FRISKY Premium.