The dark grooves master Jerome Isma-Ae returns

Lauren Krieger

Jerome Isma-Ae brings the latest top progressive vibes to FRISKY

The sounds from Jerome Isma-Ae are distinctively progressive. Words like rumbling, powerful, driving, and distinguished are used often to describe his music, his productions and DJ sets carrying a diverse blend of styles mixed together in a finely tuned package. A lifelong musician who enjoys a wide range of genres, Jerome Isma-Ae is continually performing and producing electronic music for his many fans around the world. His label Jee Productions has been releasing tracks for over a decade, while he also has produced and remixed for Armada, Anjunabeats, Babiczstyle, Blackhole Recordings, and Toolroom Records to name a few. After going deep into the studio for a near constant stream of releases in 2016, Jerome is back on FRISKY to bring his latest sounds to a global audience through the monthly broadcast of Jee Productions. His November mix brought a melody filled, purely progressive journey to the airwaves, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

I caught up with Jerome to discover the latest in his world:


Hi Jerome, we’re excited to have you back on Frisky! What have been some of your highlights from the last year?

Thank you Lauren, I´m also very excited to be back on Frisky, because there is so much great music out right now.

My collaboration with Alastor, every single release we did was a highlight for me (Fiction, Reflection, Tiger, Opium) and my gig in Buenos Aires in November at Mandarine Club. That was one for the books. The passion for music of the crowd is amazing.

As a musician who has been through a ton of different styles, including metal and classical music, what drives you to continue with electronic music?

I´m in love with electronic music for over 25 years, now. The possibilities in producing are without limits. You can learn and experience something new in the studio pretty much every day.

How would you describe your “signature sound“?

Above and Beyond once introduced me as the master of the dark grooves in their radio show, hahaha! But I guess “dark grooves” is a short but good description of my sound.


What do you consider the most vital qualities for exceptional music?

A unique sound is important. Something that sounds fat, punchy and gives you goosebumps

If you could change anything about today’s music industry, what would you make different?

I miss vinyls sometimes. It would be great if everyone would start to buy vinyl again.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up you can tell us about?

Alastor and me have a bunch of new tracks coming out soon. Mostly on my own label Jee Productions. I also signed amazing tracks for Jee which I’m gonna remix and release with the original production. More infos soon!


Listen to Jee Productions & always be up to date on the latest:

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