Javier Portilla brings his intricate & universal sound to FRISKY DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Join Javier Portilla as he gets ready to launch Nightlights on FRISKY DEEP

With DJ performances around the world, remixes for artists including King Unique, Deepfunk, Darin Epsilon, Marcelo Vasami, and Dale Middleton, and with releases that receive support from DJs such as Sasha, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Henry Saiz, and many more, Javier Portilla is quickly becoming a name to know in the underground electronic music world. At age 20, Javier spent time living in Madrid and London, where he discovered his unique style and began the solid foundations of his career. After returning to his native Costa Rica, he became resident at Club Vertigo, one of the most renowned clubs in Central America, while also joining the lineup for events such as Ministry of Sound and Global Underground. Now running Moonchild Records with studio partner Sotela, Javier keeps a busy schedule of producing, performing, managing, hosting, and promoting.

After an outstanding Artist of the Week mix that’s received over 16K listens, FRISKY DEEP is excited to be the home for Javier Portilla’s brand new exclusive show: Nightlights. Be sure to tune in to the premiere on September 5th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] but first get to know him better:


What is your electronic music “origin story”?

I discovered electronic music through trip hop and downtempo when I was about 16. Few years later I started listening to house music and the first time I went to a ‘’rave’’ I completely fell in love with the whole electronic scene.

What is your favorite part about being involved in the underground electronic music world?

There is some many amazing tracks coming out every week, so my favorite part is to have the chance to deliver and share all that new music to everybody else. Sharing is caring.

If there was one message you could share through your music, what would it be?

Love and smile as much as you can. Do something good for our world everyday.

Change old and outdated habits and beliefs for kindness and respect for every living thing. Let’s become more ethical than the society we grew up in.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to underground electronic music?

I like to do my podcasts with one intention, which most of the times is to chill and relax, not necessarily or exclusively to dance. It’s the kind of music I will like to listen on a long roadtrip on a rainy day: melancholy, hypnotic but always with a happy feeling.

That’s for my podcasts, but for my live sets it’s just music to dance, smile, close our eyes and forget the world.

Javier Portilla Live Envision Festival

What do you think are the most important factors in a quality track?

Definitely the feeling, the sincerity you put on the track and the groove. Then having a good mix and a professional mastering is key.

What other projects or upcoming performances are you excited about?

I was particularly excited to play at Burning Man this year but sadly I had to cancel it at last minute for different reasons. Now I just can’t wait to start my Europe Tour in October. I’ll be playing in Ibiza, Barcelona, Praga, Amsterdam and some other cities that we are still confirming.

I’m also excited about my upcoming EP along with Facundo Mohrr and my label partner Sotela called ‘Bleed’ which is going to be released on Henry Saiz label ‘Natura Sonoris’ with two amazing remixes; one by Marc Marzenit and another one from Bufi.

This one is coming out around October.

And of course starting my new show on Frisky!! F**K YEAH! 🙂

Zach_Podcast_Large-1The first episode of Nightlights will feature guest DJ Zach Walker of Pink Mammoth, a deep, funky, and soulful California DJ who is on a mission to uplift and awaken his audiences via his deep, tribal, and spiritual presence. This premiere episode of Nightlights will definitely take you DEEP! Tune in September 5th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] and get ready with Javier Portilla’s Artist of the Week mix:

Javier Portilla – FRISKY Artist of the Week