ITMS76 Extends the Hush Hush Experience Further with FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Hush Hush comes to FRISKY with the launch of a new show featuring the energy and passion of their events & brand.

Hush Hush has been deeply impacting the UK Underground scene, connecting like-minded audiences with exceptional DJs for timeless events. With headliners like John Digweed, Guy J, Oliver Koletzki, Reinier Zonneveld, Dave Seaman, Steve Parry, Thermalbear, and Dale Middleton, to name a few, Hush Hush is connecting top DJs to intimate and passionate crowds in order to create special nights that all will remember.

This review on the John Digweed show says it all:

“We had an amazing night in Leeds, it wasn’t due to the headline Dj (John Digweed) playing his heart out, it wasn’t the stunning intimate venue (with the friendliest staff I have even met), not even Steve Parry proving he is the best up and coming talent at the moment. It was the atmosphere provided by a crowd of likeminded people loving every second of the night, I went with six friends and came back with 500.”

To create such good vibes comes from not only a lot of work, but a lot of love. It’s this love that got ITMS76 involved in electronic music in the 90’s and continues to drive him today. Exemplifying the best of the underground, the feeling of family that comes from a shared passion and connections made on the dance floor, is what drives the Hush Hush movement forward.

To spread that energy beyond their home base at Mint Club in Leeds, ITMS76 is bringing the Hush Hush experience to FRISKY with the launch of their new show. Premiering on September 20th at 6PM EST [convert timezone], listen live or anytime after on-demand with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Learn more about ITMS76 & Hush Hush as we get ready:

What first got you started in electronic music?

I’ve been in Dance Music officially and directly for the last 5 years, I started DJing at the middle of the 1990s around South Yorkshire. I had a bit of a hiatus from 2000-2010 as my work career took precedence and I started a family and had to focus all my attention on that. I then made myself a member of a few groups on social media and my love of everything Dance Music took a hold again and since then I’ve worked hard along with my merry band of partners to make Hush Hush a brand to be proud of.

How did the idea to start Hush Hush come about?

I wish there was a succinct answer to this but alas it’s a pretty long story. I was the member of a rather large Social Media group that were all heavy prog heads and I wanted to put a party on for them which would theoretically pay for itself. After attempting to get a very well known Superstar DJ and unfortunately failing a couple of lads who were heavily involved with the group, Avinash Bhadresha and Paul Harris asked if they could join in and help. Our friendship and support of each other grew from there and Hush Hush was born. We never intended on it being a full time project or being a commercial venture. Our first event in Leeds was at the world renowned Leeds Warehouse and the line up was a prog lovers dream, with Dave Seaman headlining, Thermalbear, Ian Ossia, Steve Parry, Ian Dillon, Jonny Burg and yours truly manning the decks.

Since then the events have built and built and built. We found our new home at Mint Club in Leeds was a perfect fit, a world renowned venue with epic sound and a very intimate atmosphere.

Unfortunately Avi and Paul had to step away from the project and my rock, best mate and wife joined in to pick up the mantle, which at the time was a shock as she’s never really been into dance music. She’s definitely getting into it now though, and even travels Europe with me going to Techno festivals. She’s 100% converted. The power of Dance Music eh?

Since Hush Hush has become Stacy and I, we have tried to make everyone feel part of the Hush Hush family… Stacy makes a point of welcoming every person into the club with a smile and hello. We get great feedback from our customers and the Hush Hush family definitely transcends to the dancefloor when you are in the club and Stacy is a major part of that.

As we have grown the line ups continue to evolve and deliver. We’ve been lucky enough to put on Huge Talent from John Digweed, who’s played the last 2 Good Fridays with Sell Out Events, and was joined by the irrepressible Guy J. Last year we had a Stil Vor Talent showcase with Oliver Koletzki and Reinier Zonneveld, which musically was an amazing night, a great label and 2 phenomenal DJs. Steve Parry, Ian Dillon and Jonny Burg are our residents and what a great bunch of DJs we have in that stable.

Its been a great journey to get this far and next year 2019 we’ve got some huge plans for more big shows and we are in talks to have some cool outside events, both big and small. Exciting times!

Has anything changed with your events, or within the local scene in general, since you started?

Well apart from the Venue move in 2016, nothing really has changed. We continue to push the melodic techno and harder end of the prog genre and I think this is where we sit quite comfortably. Leeds is a really cool, big city with an incredibly vibrant and eclectic scene, from Disco nights to reggae and Electronic Music. We knew we could fill a void, there are already amazing Techno nights with System at Mint Club, but the more melodic side was sadly missing and we’ve just slotted in and made an amazing atmosphere made by our clubbers supported by the great people who work at the club. It really is a great place to dance the night away.

What are the main philosophies which drive the Hush Hush experience?

To create an atmosphere for people to come and enjoy clubbing with people who are passionate about music. The feedback we have received is amazing on Social Media and that is nice to read and makes you humble that something we have created is going down in folklore.

When people take the time to right a review on facebook about how they enjoyed the music but more importantly the music and the feeling of being part of something amazing, is like I said incredibly humbling for both of us. Hush Hush isn’t just Stacy and I, its the 600-700 people that come to the events and go off like they do, that creates the Hush Hush movement, everyone has a part to play, and they do it incredibly well.

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

When you have a DJ like John Digweed taking the controls, and then looking out from the DJ box and seeing the smiles on everyone’s face when he takes the music to a whole new level, it’s just amazing.

Due to the outreach of Hush Hush, we have a lot of people who travel across the world to our events. We’ve had people from the US, all across Europe and Australia. The hugs I got from 2 lads who had flown in from Portugal specially to see Guy J play will stand long in my memory, smiling from ear to ear and saying ‘thank you for doing this for us’ was amazing, but they were the ones that deserve the thanks. People like those two guys are why we do what we do, utterly amazing.

What is the most difficult part?

I enjoy every bit of the job, yes it’s stressful but it’s rewarding and every issue is an opportunity to get better or think things through. Sometimes it’s like being on the apprentice and you have to think on your feet to make things work. It’s a tough job, not every event works, not every piece of promotion hits the spot, it’s how you handle it that makes you what you are.

Do you have any special memories that stand out which you could share?

Taking over the reigns after a monumental set from John Digweed in March this year was pretty epic. He did play an absolute monster just after he told me he was about to finish, just turned to me and smiled.

He’s my favourite DJ and someone I look up to. He’s a very nice guy to chat to and always offers his advice and support to us, and he keeps coming back, so we must be doing something right.

What do you think are the key factors behind a great DJ set?

It’s tough to say, because do DJs these days actually play long enough to create a great set. We want our headliners to play for 3 hours+ because we think its important. I was brought up on mammoth Sasha, Digweed, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier sets which were a thing of beauty, a journey, a life experience and sadly that missing these days with the growth of the festival circuit. I like the fact that a DJ can warm me up, get me to the dance floor, and build to the point where my head is exploding with a dark melody or a thudding techno kick. I need to be taken there, not hit with it from the get go. A good DJ can read the crowd and have you in the palm of their hand, and every one of our headliners have been able to do long sets and do just that. DJ is an art form, but it shouldn’t be just about them, it should be about every person on that dancefloor and the buzz you get from being a punter on the floor or the DJ in the booth when the 2 worlds are in sync is a joy to behold, that what great DJs do, they connect to our souls.

How has the experience of running Hush Hush connected to your personal work as a DJ and producer?

It’s helped me connect with people and get to meet some amazing DJs and producers, that have in turn helped me grow as an artist. Paul Nolan is my production guru who masters all of my work, and does some engineering on my tracks. I take a my tracks to him and he polishes them ready for dance floor consumption, that little bit of magic. I’m not arrogant enough to say I don’t get help, all of the top producers and DJs have teams behind them, someone to be another pair of eyes and ears, and I think its a good thing to have that support. Producing is a lonely job, spent in solitary confinement listening to a track for hours and hours on end on repeat and it gets tough to see the opportunity to make something that bit better.

In terms of DJing, I’ve been able to be in the booth with some of the worlds best DJs, due to Hush Hush. Anybody would struggle to learn something and be influenced by that.

What can we expect to hear on the Hush Hush show on FRISKY?

Techno, Techno and more Techno, along with a dollop of prog from our residents and headliners. Most importantly, music which might be a little bit different to what FRISKY is famous for.

Catch the premiere of Hush Hush live on September 20th @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime/anywhere with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.