INU Musika Pushes Progressive Boundaries on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

INU Musika is the result of the shared passion of two artists whose experience and drive have combined to create deep underground sounds that push the boundaries of Progressive and Melodic Electronic Music. Spanning the globe, Gav Easby and Andy Woldman’s connection unites in their work with INU Musika, a young label and collaboration which has been establishing a distinctive and fresh sound of their own.

Founder of INU & IN2U Records, UK based Gav Easby’s decades of DJing and producing music has given him an experienced perspective from within the industry, while Andy Woldman has been making major waves in Mexico, playing on massive stages and working alongside legendary artists as he helps establish a new form of “Multi-Directional Electronica.”

One of their recent collaborations comes in the form of Gav’s remix of Andy Woldman’s “Frozen Twilight” released on Bonzai Progressive. A modern Progressive sound with nostalgic “golden era” elements that capture a sense of magic, this remix is evidence of the power of their combined forces which draws from each member’s long-lasting passion and deep understanding of the music.

Now they are coming together as DJs with the launch of INU Musika on FRISKY. Bringing their energy to the long-form format, their 2-hour show premieres Thursday, December 17th @ 3 PM EST [convert timezone]. Tune in live or listen on-demand with FRISKY Premium and get to know more about this duo to look out for by reading their interview below:

I’d love to start by learning more about INU Musika – how did the idea for this project first begin? 

Gav Easby

GE: I think it was around 18mth ago, I was developing IN2U Records and reaching out to DJ’s & Artists for the Promo Listings to help support Artists releases, I asked Andy as he was an active DJ and as an Artist was already signed to Labels like Bunny Tiger if he would mind and kindly accepted. The 1st one we sent Andy was Don Longton’s – Still Waiting EP. Andy left some great comments & also played my Remix at one of his Gigs, Andy kindly sent me the Audio link, while talking Andy didn’t know the Galvano remix was my artist alias at the time. When it all became clear Andy suggested we do some work together. I was in the process of Launching my 2nd Label INU and Andy came to me with a Co-Lab/Duo/Label concept and INU Musika was born.

What would you say that each other’s greatest strength is?

GE: Andy’s greatest strength for me is his Positive Attitude, Drive & Passion for Music

AW: Well, I think that each one has their way of working and being, Gavin’s taste and love for music is incredible, very focused on what he wants to achieve, sometimes we have our differences, but at the end of the day we find a balance that allows us to work fluidly.

What do you think makes INU Musika special?

GE: Honestly not thought of it that way before, ha ha, but I would like to think the blend of styles coming together to create unique Music and DJ sets, its very organic and hope that translates when people listen?

AW: I think you need to do things with love and passion, but above all if you are in love with your work, it only begins to levitate and people begin to see more thoroughly what you are doing, and within that passion and love that comes to light. high quality sound and / or unique and original scene that nobody else has.

Andy Woldman
Andy Woldman

What will your approach be when it comes to your 2-hour FRISKY show? What is important to you for the show to accomplish? 

GE: Firstly, thanks for the invite to host a show, we were honoured to be invited to host a show on Frisky and be part of the family here with other amazing DJ’s & Artists. We are going to approach the show with 2 Parts, Recorded Back 2 Back. We both have a fairly broad range of Music to showcase, so one week I will kick things off for the first hour and Andy will take over for the 2nd hour, then next month we may switch it up – Between us both we really want to give listeners a Club Like Experience, going through the gears as the show progresses.

AW: That we manage to get to what people want to hear, get to meet that demand for musical quality that people want, and above all support new talents as much as we can.

What is something that hooked you at the beginning of your experiences with electronic music that still impacts you today? 

GE: I am from the Late 90’s, Early 00’s era, Electronic Music was very much underground then, but still remember the experience of people coming together in the Clubs for the Music, that’s what hooked me, how it made you feel and the way the groove made you move, I try and bring that every time producing or playing music.

AW: That everything can come true, is something that I talk with my friends and family. 12 years ago I dreamed of signing on certain record labels, and now I am part of them not with one, but with more than 3 EP’s within those labels. One day a promoter from Spain called me, telling me that he wanted to introduce me to a great artist, because they were looking for an electronic music producer for their new project, and what a surprise, when I see that it is Pedro Eustache, the wind instrumentalist who has played with Yanni, Recorded various tracks with Paul McCrtney, winner of two Grammy certificates, and currently one of the main artists of Hans Zimmer. I also remember when Sandra Collins would come to town and always attend her performances, five years later I was producing my EP with her, and going on tour playing with her on b2b. You never know what will happen, music is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life, and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Gav Easby
Gav Easby

If there was only one thing which you could change about the industry today, what would it be? 

GE: Wow, that is a tough one, before Electronic Music was commercialised there was a decent balance between Artist & DJ pay, over the years that balance has tipped in the favour of the DJ, not the creators, the technology is there, but does need to will to restore some balance here.

AW: Stop destroying the originality of the industry, it annoys me when they call a genre that has been on the scene for years by another name and they come to want to change everything, also to promote that young producers STUDY music, content.

Would you be able to select one of your favorite tracks that you have produced and tell us why? 

GE:  I am really excited about an up and coming release we have called “Sweet Desire” feat SeaChange. Andy and I started working on a track, we got it to a point and we both agreed it needed some extra, Andy came across this Amazing Singer Songwriter and I, as a throwaway comment said, “Leave it with me, I will see if I can track her down via Social Media…” We tracked Ellen down, sent her the track and with about a week we had the Vocals Back and WOW! What makes it even more special, we have some Amazing Artists involved in the Remixes inc Aves Volare, Ivan Mateluna & Casper Keys. It is due to be released on Bonzai in the coming months and can’t wait to share this one!

AW: It’s difficult, as I said, I’m in love with all my work, I can’t tell you that I don’t like one, but definitely, “Deus Meus” in conjunction with my teacher Pedro Eustache. Is not out yet, but it is a very special track, Pedro plays on it with all his soul, but he also uses analog wind instruments, with the legendary modular monster Moog IIIC! That in addition to being a super synth, it belongs to nothing more and nothing less than the only one, the legend, Hans Zimmer !, Hans lent it to Pedro for a time, and he used to include this great sound (that nobody else in the world has) on our track.

In your opinion, what is the most important part of a track?

GE: For a Club Track, for me, its the Groove, it has to make you wanna move, the marriage of Drums and Basslines.


You can have a thousand melodies, a massive breakdown, a thousand pads, you name it, but if your melody (for example), has no content, a lot of people are great at designing sounds with synths but it doesn’t have content on the melody, are just like TA TA TATA… there’s no music in there.

Andy Woldman
Andy Woldman

Do you have a habit or routine that you have established which you feel is beneficial to your creative process?

GE: I like to think of the creative process as organised Chaos, ha ha…. All of our Co-Lab works we have done and working on start one way and always turn out completely different, but the process is very Organic and think we both go with the flow till we are both happy with the final results, momentum is key to keep creative juices flowing

AW: Yes and no, as I said, many times you don’t know what is going to happen. Many times you plan something and it changes in a matter of minutes, or the next day you are already doing a new project very different from the first. We try to release one or two EP’s every month, but it all depends on how things turn out.

What means the most to you when it comes to your own tracks and those of the label? Hearing it played by a popular DJ? Getting to the top of the Beatport charts? 

GE: It is an Amazing feeling when a well know DJ or Artist plays one of your tracks, it adds fuel to creative fire to drive on and create more.

AW: Well I try to do the best I can based on sound quality, sound design, melodies with content, I try to do something different from what others are doing but within the genre without undoing the original essence. Yes! currently my tracks are within the Top’s 100 of Beatport. The most recent thing that has happened to me is that artists like Paul Oakenfold, Cristian Varela, Rafael Osmo, Giuseppe Ottaviani have been supporting my work.

If there was one thing which your music made listeners feel, what would you want that to be? 

GE: I think both Andy & I are fairly positive people, we both have a massive passion, I hope that translates in our Music and makes people feel good and uplifted, one thing that is magical about Electronic Music, is that every listener hears something different for them, a feeling, emotion, a drive. I just hope they enjoy it.

AW: Love, tranquility and euphoria at the same time.

What else is coming up for INU Musika? 

GE: We are really looking forward to the 1st Frisky Radio show on the 17th December, we will kick things off with a bang! Music wise, we have a Co-Lab coming on Bonzai Progressive and have a few projects in the works for 2021. For the Label, the schedule is looking pretty packed, I will let Andy explain what we have planned for the start of 2021, ha ha…

AW: Great things are coming, we want to turn it into a booking agency in conjunction with other companies, as well as great firms with artists such as Pedro Eustache, winner of two Grammy certificates, among many other things that we are planning for the future.