INOKI:DEEP brings Pole Folder back to the NYC Underground

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: INOKI:DEEP’s Boris and Pole Folder discuss their next big event.

INOKI:DEEP, the group that brought 16 Bit Lolitas to New York for an epic outdoor event last summer, is continuing their mission to create unique and memorable underground electronic music shows by hosting Pole Folder & Mark Cobián on Saturday January 16th at Santos Party House. With a dedicated NYC underground crowd in a downtown Manhattan club basement, this INOKI:DEEP event is set to create a deep and driving atmosphere and keep you dancing all night long.

The Details:

Pole Folder
Mark Cobián

Saturday Jan 16th
Inoki Party presents

featuring music by
Pole Folder (Reworck)
Mark Cobián

@ Santos Party House (Basement)
96 Lafayette St

Doors 11pm

Event Page

I caught up with INOKI:DEEP’s Boris and Pole Folder himself to get ready for the show:


How was the inaugural Inoki Deep event with 16 Bit Lolitas?

The stars aligned and it turned out better than we had anticipated – From the crowd to the music to the atmosphere, everything was spot on.

Is there anything you experienced at the first show that you think will influence this second one?

Introduce people to a space they haven’t been to before & always keep it fresh.

What inspired you to invite Pole Folder for this next event?

It was actually Mark Cobian’s suggestion (He’s playing alongside Pole Folder). I wasn’t familiar w/the name until he brought it up. He’s a pretty prolific producer and hasn’t played in NYC for quite some time (10 years now), so we thought now would be an appropriate time to book him.

What do you see as the future for Inoki Deep?

We’re still figuring it out & going w/the flow for now. We’re keen on bringing in talent that doesn’t play NYC often & putting them in the right space to match their sound.

What are you looking forward to most about the show?

I’m curious to see peoples reaction to the space – Santos Basement – I think it’s the best underground room in NYC. I remember my first time going to a 718 Sessions party there and the Wrecked Crew were playing downstairs – The energy in the room was something else. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to introduce a new crowd to the space.


What has been one of your highlights from 2015?

I had a great time on every gigs last year but some of it was very special. I really enjoyed my first experience at the ‘Rainbow Serpent Festival’ in Australia, which is a very unique festival. I have in mind too my first tour in Canada which was also fantastic/ the set recorded at Cabal Toronto is probably my best of the year. And on all of these shows I met great people who turned the whole experiences into unforgettable moments.

What are you looking forward to about being back in NYC?

The city is a legendary one. So much of history and influential artists are coming from it. It’s always very special to play there.

I’m sure the visit to the City will influence some of my next works.

What do you enjoy most about intimate underground events such as the upcoming Inoki Deep show?

I have the same passion to play for big audiences or small places but what I like the most about intimate venue is the connection with the crowd and the fact that the public is really hardcore in terms of music passion and come there mainly to listen to you and have a great time.

How would you describe the energy you bring to your shows?

For me it’s important that you feel an energy on the dance floor as a clubber. It’s what I like myself as a customer and this since the first time I went to a club. But on top I love also melodies so it’s important for me to keep the energy and the melodic atmospheres balanced.

For me the body and the mind have both to be in motion.

What else is going on with Pole Folder?

We are working a lot with my label Reworck and we are proud of the tracks we already released so far as the upcoming ones. I did a couple of remixes these last weeks which will be out soon. Speaking about New York, I made a track for the next compilation of Cevin Fisher. He is a House legend so it’s an honor to be on this project.

2016 will be a music production year. My studio is ready with some nice improvements and I can’t wait to finalize the new tracks.

I’m looking forward to hearing more!

Hear more Pole Folder right now with the always epic Destinations:

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