Ian Dillon Joins FRISKY With The Launch of Subterranea

Lauren Krieger

Get ready for the premiere of Subterranea from Ian Dillon

Ian Dillon’s deep, dark, and atmospheric sound has been making a widespread impact on the Progressive scene for years. With notable releases on labels such as Global Underground, Sudbeat, Asymmetric Recording, Soundteller Records, Pro B tech, Stripped Digital, Modern Agenda and many more, his productions have been supported by DJs like Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M, Cid Inc, John OO Fleming, and Barry Jamieson to name a few.

As a DJ, Ian’s passion for driving rhythms and discovering distinctive tracks leaves a long-lasting impression for those on the dance floor, an experience that can be felt when you listen to his FRISKY guest mixes. Now with the launch of his own show Subterranea, you can get a taste for his driving blend of progressive styles every month, premiering on March 21st at 10AM EST [convert timezone].

Get ready with some thoughts from the Underground from Ian Dillon:

What was your first electronic music experience like?

My first experience of electronic music came courtesy of a friend in secondary school whom used to have all the global underground city mixes, we would share an earbud each and listen during the morning and afternoon registrations. hearing this amazing selection of sounds flawlessly mixed into one another converted me from listening to brit pop from the likes of oasis and blur et al. The Sasha San Francisco mix in particular changed everything for me.

Has the way you feel about music changed throughout the years?

I’ve always been a fan of music across the spectrum and I appreciate all aspects. The way I feel changed predominately when I started to produce myself. That’s when I realised that it takes a serious desire to learn hone and refine working on music no matter what style/genre. I appreciate it more now as a consequence.

What types of sounds are you a sucker for?

I’m a sucker for beautiful melodies, there’s just something that just grabs my attention. I’m also a sucker for acoustic sessions whereby it’s just a singer and a guitar or piano, stripped back and raw.

What is one of your all-time favorite tracks?

I’d say one of my all time favorites is Vengeance – Song to the siren (Fable Remix) it just has everything, an awesome vocal, great melodies that compliment one another, a huge rolling bassline. When I first heard it in a club it was just an incredible experience.

Can you share one of your favorite moments as a DJ?

Certainly my favorite and proudest moment is warming up for John Digweed and Guy J at the reopening of emporium, it’s not often you get the opportunity to play alongside your favorite dj and favorite producer. I’ll never forget Guy J giving me a big hug and sharing a joke as I handed over to him. Special memory.

What are you excited about in the music world these days?

I love finding and sharing music from artists from all over the world. There are so many wonderfully talented artist around both established and the new and emerging artists in the scene. For me it’s all about how I can put these productions into a nice flowing style to showcase them in.

Finding the hidden gems is really satisfying for me personally.

Catch the premiere of Subterranea live on FRISKY at 10AM EST / 2PM GMT [convert timezone] or listen on-demand & offline with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps:

Ian Dillon – Subterranea