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Hot TuneiK Shares Progressive Passion on Refraction

Lauren Krieger

With a passion for Progressive that was fueled at an early age, Diego Carreon aka Hot TuneiK has been making an impact on the underground scene, spreading his music throughout Mexico and beyond. Producing for labels such as Proton, Particles, Balkan Connection, and Sound Avenue, Hot TuneiK recently formed his own imprint Guateque Music whose premiere release featured remixes from Antrim and Kamilo Sanclemente.

Performances with DJs including Guy J, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, D-Nox, Stan Kolev, Guy Mantzur, and Sharam, have proved that his attention to detail and ear for impactful music goes beyond the studio and onto the stage. This energy can also be experienced in his recorded DJ mixes, with popular guest mixes on shows like Artist of the Week, 6th Auditorium, and Suffused Diary bringing him to the attention of FRISKY listeners.

Now he has introduced his own show to FRISKY with the launch of Refraction. With each month featuring a different part of his style, you’ll want to be sure to catch every episode. Get started now, and learn more about Hot TuneiK below.

Listen to the premiere episode of Refraction now, exclusively on FRISKY: Hot TuneiK – Refraction

Hot TuneiK

What was one of your first experiences that drew you into electronic music?

Well… I was 15 Years old and my cousin introduced me to Paul Van Dyk, “For An Angel” It was the album that changed my life and everything started from there.

When did you know that being a DJ and producer was something that you wanted to pursue further?

Since I was little I had this thing for music, I always wanted to make music in some way and I found myself on this adventure.

How do you think the Mexican scene is for Progressive House? Has it grown / changed over the years?

Progressive House in Mexico is a bit lost I would say, it has been changing all the time. But always I’ve been surrounded with people with so much talent throughout all my career, which helped me a lot.

You have played alongside many renowned DJs and I know it’s impossible to narrow down a favorite moment, but could you share one or two of these experiences which really meant something special to you?

Wow! There so many moments that I would like to share, but there is one special night that I think it’s worth to tell… I had the honor to do the warm-up for Guy Mantzur @ Hookah Condesa, it was beautiful, it was full of crowd, all the energy was so great that I connected with the people so lovely, it was really a great night!

What qualities are important for the music you produce and play to have?

When I’m making music I’m sharing a piece of my life, I’m always telling a story on every single track! I will be showing a new face of music, My new EP is coming “Heightened Senses Vol.2”. It has three beautiful tracks which I might say are a bit different from what I normally used to produce! But I think you’re going to love it!

Hot TuneiK

If Hot TuneiK was known for one thing, what would you want that to be?

For his passion and love to this beautiful “job”, always taking care of the minor details… that’s what makes the difference!

What are you most proud of in your electronic music career so far?

I’ve had so many positive adventures by doing this… telling my story with music is the most amazing thing in the world!

Besides music, what is something that you are passionate about?

Teaching how to produce and inspire new generations, its amazing!

What are your goals for your show Refraction?

Get involved more and more people into good music, I will be sharing every month different type of styles on my sessions!

Is there anything else you’d like FRISKY listeners to know about you and your music?

I really hope you like every single one of my mixtapes! See you @ Refraction!

Thanks for all the love & support!

Hot TuneiK – Refraction