Prepare for the Horizons Festival Experience in Goa

Lauren Krieger

Sanjay Dutta brings the best of the underground from India and beyond to Horizons

Sanjay Dutta knows what it takes to create a memorable and meaningful electronic music experience. With 3 decades of DJing at clubs and festivals, “The Beast from the East” has spread his name across the globe as a legend of India’s dance music scene. As a key figure of DUSK in Kolkata and PRATA at Marbela Beach Resort in Morjim, Goa, his influence has extended from behind the decks to behind the scenes of making amazing music happen.

His FRISKY show Horizons transmits all that he has expressed through his live DJing performances: freshness, emotion, power, and magic. Now Horizons is going to another level – as a 3-Day festival which exemplifies all that is special about underground electronic music. Hosted at Re:FRESH in Morjim, Goa and featuring a premiere list of Indian and International DJs, this will be a uniquely beautiful and special event not to be missed.

Conceived at the end of last year, HORIZONS was born of the motivation to gather people together who enjoy great music and spreading positivity. As Sanjay stated:

My mission in life is happiness.

HORIZONS was created to help fulfill that mission, while “organizing a gathering of talented DJs playing to a heaving dance floor, bursting with energy is the icing on the cake.” Promoting and sharing his own FRISKY show and Horizons concept falls directly in line with the festival’s ideals.

Located in Goa, a state rich with an unparalleled dance music history and magnificent natural beauty, HORIZONS is going beyond the ordinary to provide three days of top of the line experiences that enrich all of the senses. Surrounded by majestic scenery and designed to engross its crowd in the grooves of 25 exceptional DJs, HORIZONS will offer a distinctive atmosphere of togetherness and appreciation, a oneness with the rhythms and flows of life.

All these pieces are designed to come together to create a definitive and memorable experience. When I asked Sanjay about what attendees can expect, he shared:

“My goal is to organise a safe, secure, fun-filled, uplifting and a happy experience for the attendees. An experience which can simply make them smile when they think about it. They should remember Horizons with fondness. So I am working closely with the venue to put everything in place ensuring a good experience for every attendee. Needless to mention, great music from talented Djs is the main criteria.”

With the Phase 1 lineup just announced, HORIZONS is only just getting started. There will be multiple pre-parties to keep the excitement rolling, including in Delhi on Oct 20th, Bangalore on Nov 18th, Kolkata and Mumbai simultaneously on Nov 24th, and more to be announced. Stay tuned for more details!


Event Page

HORIZONS is a 3 day/night event from SDKoncepts by Sanjay Dutta in association with friskyRadio to be held on the weekend of 1st – 3rd December 2017 at the über cool Re:FRESH club in Morjim, North Goa.

Featuring a stellar line-up of DJs, both Indian and International, Horizons will be quite a musical outing for those seeking an unadulterated experience with sounds ranging from deep house to progressive to techno.

Pre-parties are being planned at some select cities in the coming weeks, paving the way for the BIG weekend in Goa. Keep your energies high ‘coz the season ahead is sure to start with some of the most musically enriching encounters at Horizons.


Get ready by listening to Horizons now on FRISKY: