Honey Drops Releases Music for Listening with Peaceful Heart

Lauren Krieger

Exploring Peaceful Heart with Amber Long and Juliane Wolf

The idea that electronic music is only for the club or the festival can be easily debunked when you are introduced to special albums, those that are perfect for the listening moments, ones where you can get lost in the sounds and let them envelop you, allowing yourself to experience the music in an intimate and personal way. The label Honey Drops was created by Amber Long to share these moments, and Juliane Wolf’s Peaceful Heart is the perfect example of that special album designed for listeners. An avid producer of a variety of styles from house beats to melodic techno, Juliane Wolf introduces her premiere album with Peaceful Heart: a cinematic story-telling and all-encompassing album that encourages listeners to sit and enjoy. From the soft rhythms that weave a sonic pathway, to the light melodies that paint a picture in your mind, this album will enhance your experiences through the power of finely tuned and sincerely soulful electronic music.

I spoke with the women behind the release to hear about their thoughts on the project, and it was a pleasure to learn more about the history and stories from within Honey Drops & Peaceful Heart:

Amber Long is a multi-talented producer, vocalist, writer, DJ, and much more. In addition to running the labels Modern Agenda and Honey Drops, she also hosts Rogue on FRISKY.

What is your goal or mission for Honey Drops?

Music lovers have their tunes on all day, every day. But not all moments call for the 4/4 beat, even for the most intense electronic music lovers. Plus, every artist has an experimental side few people get to hear. Most Producers have beautiful downtempo projects they’ve done but finding a home for these can be tough so they sit on hard drives as precious creative moments that may never be heard.

Honey Drops is a place to find great music for every day life when you’re looking for a lush sonic escape. I actually decided to start the label because of qoob and Juliane, both having amazing albums but limited labels to send them to. I heard their work and decided to start the label, making their incredible albums the first releases. Now, the label has releases lined up into the new year with fresh downtempo/chill originals from artists new and old.

The goal is to keep Honey Drops for original downtempo/chill/ambient tracks only. In future, we can sign remixes over on Modern Agenda and turn them into dance floor tunes.

What is the thought behind having album based releases?

To be honest, there was very little thought in that. qoob had an album, Juliane expanded on her release, creating an album, and now, I guess I’m really lucky people are sending albums. I’m not just signing albums though, I have EPs coming too, it’s just how it happened for the first few releases, to have albums. It means a lot to have an artist trust your new label with such a full body of work so I owe it to the artists to keep the momentum going.

What is your process like for finding artists? How did you connect with Juliane Wolf for this album?

My process is usually finding a new name or stand out track through promo. If the track speaks to me, I always message the artist. Sometimes I’m bold and mention Honey Drops (and Modern Agenda, depending) and ask how they work with signing their originals.

For Juliane, we had been talking online a bit already when she asked if Peaceful Heart would work for Modern Agenda. qoob had just sent me his album too, wondering the same. Granted, Modern Agenda pushes musical boundaries, but it’s still branded as a dance tune label. I mulled it over and sent Proton a message the same week and got the wheels turning. I let qoob and Juliane know what was up, thanking them for the inspiration to start Honey Drops, and we started making plans from there.

Jacob Seville, his album Sparkles blew me away when I heard it in promo. I’d never heard of him but the sounds that guy created made my head explode. So I tracked him down and now, a few months later, he has made his album into a beatless version and Chilled Sparkles is up next for release Sept 25 on Honey Drops.

Is there anything else listeners should hear about Peaceful Heart & Honey Drops?

Peaceful Heart turned into the magic I knew it would.

Juliane really poured her heart and soul into this and the sounds glisten. Definitely #futuregoals for me!!

Every release has a story behind it. I’m excited how the chapters are adding up for Honey Drops. Running it, I’m staying laid back, going with the flow, working with Proton and growing the label with a number of fine, talented artists that are willing to share their tamer, more vulnerable emotive side with the public. It’s a privilege to have them trust Honey Drops with this gift.

Juliane Wolf is a diversely skilled producer, DJ, live musician, writer, and more, with releases on labels such as Manual Music, MNL, and Cinematique. She hosts Resonance on DEEP.

This album is very cinematic, like there is an underlying story we experience when listening. Did you have theme you were basing each track off of, or a motivation behind them?

I made this album within one year and this year was full of life and action. For example I took my first flight ever in my life where my track Sleepless Flight came from. Resonating Souls is a crazy synth track I used a modular system for – it’s about the constant resonance between two souls who are made for each other. And Liebe just describes the universal feeling of love, the feeling you have, when in spring flowers come out and everything smells just like life. So the album is a kind of synaesthetic journey and describes constant experiences I made within this one year.

Is there something that you hope to communicate through all of your music, or something you would like the listener to experience?

All in all, love for life is the topic – the whole album is very positive and the message should be: Embrace life, make it happen, use all your energy, because I’m a big fan of the Karma psychology – think positive and it will get back to you. Like maybe nearly every person, I had difficult and dark times in my life, and I’m happy to be able to use music as a medium for emotional expression. So with my music I want to encourage people never to give up on themselves and be ashamed to show their feelings and tell their stories – it’s your life and your personality and this is what makes you special!

Amazing lessons to learn through the music, thank you to Amber & Juliane for bringing this project to light!

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