Hiroyuki Kajino introduces the Acid Dimension to FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Hiroyuki Kajino brings his experience and love of music to FRISKY with Acid Dimension

With an incomparable resume of dance music history accomplishments, Hiroyuki Kajino still keeps the spirit of the music alive and thriving every day. In the 80’s he was DJing at the first house music clubs in Japan, helping establish the brand new underground scene. In 1988 he went to New York and played alongside the legendary Larry Levan, returning to Japan to further promote the music by building the premiere house-only record shop “Om Records”, as well as continuing as resident DJ at clubs “Shibuya Cave” and “Yellow”. His keen ear for, and deep knowledge of, electronic music continued to push his success in the record store world, as he established two more business and an award winning online shop.

For decades Hiroyuki Kajino has lived underground house music, and it’s evident in the mixes he creates. His guest mixes on FRISKY have been beautiful seamless journeys, and his Artist of the Week mix received huge support from a global audience of listeners. Now he’s bringing his expertise to FRISKY full time with the launch of “Acid Dimension“, premiering December 9th @ 8AM EST / 10PM JST [convert timezone].

Hiroyuki Kajino takes us into the Japanese underground scene, as we get ready for the premiere of his show:


In your years as a DJ and involvement in the house music industry, was there ever a time when you considered stopping? What motivates you to continue today?

I never thought of quitting before. The two most important things in life for me are Love and Music.

That’s why I continue being a DJ, to spread Love through my Music.

How would you describe your musical style?

My style is to artistically mix high-quality dance music. I carefully and thoroughly choose my mixing songs from every genre. When I do it I do not stick to a particular genre of music; my taste and style are beyond genres.

Can you share with us one of your favorite DJing memories?

The most memorable moment as a DJ is when I played with Larry Levan in NY in 1989. I was 24 years of age back then. I learned very much from him. It’s a very precious memory.

What do you think are the greatest changes in the music industry since you began? What has remained the same throughout the years?

Sorry to say this, but what comes to my mind when I hear the ‘greatest change’ is a negative change. Due to the emergence of mainstream EDM and following consequences of that, the underground dance music industry in Japan was pretty much destroyed. Sadly, that’s the biggest change in the industry seen from my eyes.

How has Japan’s electronic music scene evolved since you began the first house music club?

Another World, the first house music club that I produced, was very underground where many junkies and homosexual people (In Japan it’s very difficult for homosexual people to express their orientations) visited. At the same time, the club had so many guests that there was a waiting line every weekend.

Later, many large clubs were born, and each got specialised in different genres such as deep house and techno. The club scene flourished and culminated. But during recent years, clubs became very commercial oriented, and music played in these clubs are mainly mainstream popular music. So, unfortunately, true music lovers have no where to go to enjoy good music. As a result, the club scene in Japan has been decaying. Hopefully, we can revive the scene and bring back the true club culture once again here in Japan, and I would like to be a part of it by creating good music and mixes.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the FRISKY listeners?

Every month, I listen to more than 200 songs from deep house, techno, ambient and so on. I alway try to pursue very best music from everywhere I have an access to. I hope you will find your favourite music and expand your taste through my mixes here in FRISKY. Very looking forward to it!

Me too! 🙂 Be sure to tune in to the premiere episode, on December 9th @ 8AM EST / 10PM JST [convert timezone].

Acid Dimension