Highly anticipated SXMusic Festival gets ready to take off

Lauren Krieger

SXMusic Festival is bringing an exceptional electronic music experience to the island of St Martin.


Since the SXMusic Festival was first introduced, the excitement for this brand new event has continued to build around the world. This week, the growing anticipation from electronic music fans and festival lovers will reach its peak, as the SXMusic Festival officially launches on March 9th.

Located in the magically beautiful St Martin, the festival is designed to embrace the unique location and provide complete experiences that emphasize the music throughout. Featuring a large group of thoughtfully chosen and impressive DJs that will be performing in a variety of locations spread across the island, you never have to stop exploring and enjoying the combination of music, island life, relaxation, dancing, and community.

Julian Prince, founder of SXMusic Festival, has been traveling to the half-French, half-Dutch island for MAP4-1025x960over a decade, and knows just how much the location has to offer for attendees. From the affordable lodging, food, and drinks, to the variety of activities, to the friendly local atmosphere, to the epic SXM airport located right on the beach, St Martin is the perfect place for new people to come have a complete and fulfilling festival experience. This is what has people so excited for this premiere festival: not just a cool location, and not just a list of DJs, SXMusic aims to provide it all while creating fun, beautiful, happy, and unforgettable moments from start to finish.

I was excited to catch up with Julian Prince as he gets ready for SXMusic Festival to take off:

How did the idea of having the festival in Saint Martin first come about? Did you have any other locations you were considering, or did you know this was the place?

St Martin was obvious! I first came here in 2004, went around the island and noticed a massive amount of beach clubs, an international airport, a perfect balance between the Dutch side, clubs, casinos, fiesta and the French side, Reggae roots and nude beaches. For Americans, a blue water escape from the white and cold winter is a dream that wasn’t a reality for the techno tourist. Europe has Ibiza all summer, it hits the spot, but during the worst season of the year. When we need it the most, where’s our party island? There’s nothing like Island hopping.


Why do you think the island lifestyle fits so well with experiencing electronic music?

The concept has been proven many times in Europe but not in America. America has been more efficient mixing technologies and lifestyle, Europe has more advance in cultural events. SXM has a reputation. The first two words that come to mind when you know St-Martin is: party and exclusivity. This island is small, you go around in an hour 15 mins. It’s all duty free. Everything that’s bad for you is cheap, it’s gorgeous, water here is as blue as a cenote in Mexico or the reefs of Greece. It’s a multicultural island filled with the worlds best electronic cultures : French and Dutch With locals that have the Rythym in their blood, dub, Kompa, zook, all chants and drums. The vibe here is savage and follows the heat of the Sun.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting a brand new festival?

Everything. First, getting the electronic music industry to consider our event, convincing the officials here that the concept would fit. Then the logistics, since it’s the first time in the festival business. We plan to move most of the people with bus shuttles, ensuring a safe environment for partying festival goers. We had to ask a member of the French army to make it comfortable and seamless. I’m making this interview a few days before the festival.

We had many mountains to climb but it looks like it was all worth it.

FLYERS-WEB-BLEUWhat do you consider as the most important criteria for DJ selection?

Can’t have one criteria. It’s more like a matrix. Things you consider are: the classics, the “hot right now” and the up and coming. It has to be a mix of all. We wanted to create a family vibe so we booked some friends to share the experience with as well.

What is your favorite thing about electronic music festivals, and how did you try to incorporate that into SXMusic? How about your least favorite?

This festival is a melting pot of all our favorite events. As the years follow you will find many events of the most amazing things we love, like a 3am tuxedo jazz performance of your electronic favorite band in a casino, a bunch of yachts  connected together with the same music like in Croatia, a green field of campers partying hard on the grounds, villa parties, beach parties with a beautiful sunrise, world class visual arts and ecological staging.

We’re taking the best of everything and integrating it here.


Is there a DJ or experience you are personally looking forward to the most?

Ahhh… this line up is like Christmas, I wish I could catch all of it but humanly impossible so…. I can only say that I’m exited for all of it. We didn’t want to leave any holes in the program. It’s well balanced and thought for everyone. I can not mention how excited I am for the sunrise party with Lee Burridge. All the burning man brothers and sister on that morning is going to be special.

What would you like attendees to come away with after the event?

We want to create the best memories. This is our passion, that’s what we do.

People have trusted us, we sold them a dream, we want to deliver that dream we promised. First year festivals are always often called for the lack of organization. We’re not leaving any stone unturned.

In an industry where “more of the same” electronic music festivals are pumped out continuously, where people packed in is more important than individual experiences, and gimmicks are more important than quality music, it’s exciting to see a brand new festival with the total package in mind. I hope SXMusic Festival continues to provide “dream delivery” for many years to come!

Good news for FRISKY listeners, you will get a chance to [Re]Live the SXMusic Festival experience with the broadcast of featured DJ sets from around the festival – more info coming soon! In the mean time, follow SXMusic’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to stay connected with the latest info and photos.