The friskyRadio Blog


Yes folks friskyRadio now has a blog. Why you ask? Well, frankly we get lonely and instead of talking to ourselves and to walls like we usually do, we thought we might channel all that energy and talk to… you know, YOU instead.

This blog will offer insight into upcoming projects and shows, special events and general chit chat about why we do what we do and what you can expect in the coming days and weeks ahead.

In addition to me, this blog will be updated by two other members that are part of the friskyRadio team. Papi, who is our resident Design Ninja and responsible for most of the website updates; and Ira, who is the Label Manager for the friskyRecords Music Label.

friskyRadio has come a long way since it started as a simple stream back in 2001. In the coming days and months ahead we will be launching a totally new and game-changing website, the friskyRecords label and loads more events in your favourite cities around the world. So keep checking back for updates. We hope to update this blog quite regularly. Thank you for all the support.