Martin Urdinez

Experience Heaven on Earth with Martin Urdinez

Lauren Krieger

For those passionate about underground electronic music, there are timeless, transcendent moments to be found on the dance floor or lost in your headphones where you can truly feel like you’re in heaven on earth. It’s these special experiences that Martin Urdinez is hoping to recreate with his aptly-named new show on FRISKY. Desiring to provide a progressive journey that transmits his deep love for the music, Patagonia-born and Buenos Aires based Martin Urdinez will be sharing his emotional and meaningful approach to mix-making with Heaven on Earth.

With several Feelin’ FRISKY guest mixes and a feature as Artist of the Week, Martin’s dream to have his own show on FRISKY begins February 4th @ 7 pm EST [convert timezone]. Find out more about what to expect as we get ready to dive in:

What was one of the first moments which first started your passion for underground electronic music?

Martin Urdinez

It all started when I moved from my home town in Patagonia to Buenos Aires at the age of 18. There I met a good friend of mine, Martin Falabella. He was the first Dj I’ve ever met and I went to see him one night, we went to a really small and dark place, there were a bunch of people, and he was playing this hypnotic music, with a lot of melodies and long breakdowns, he was creating a unique atmosphere, something I’ve never felt before and I realize that the people were there only for the music. So I immediately felt in love with Progressive house and that underground scene.

How do you think your early experiences have influenced your music today?

Well, I started mixing 6 years ago, at the age of 20, with my first mixer that if it overheated it would turn off. Since then I tried to get as much experience as could, I’ve never stopped learning and always try to be true to myself and to my musical style. I think that all that journey so far is reflected in my sets and productions.

Did you have any expectations or goals when you first started producing and DJing?

In my first years of mixing I had this small podcast, called Heaven on Earth. In that time I used to listen to the different shows on Frisky, the home of this beautiful underground music, and I started dreaming of the day that Heaven on Earth become part of the roster, so I put all my energy on that, the time passed by and eventually, I got there, so now I can share music with the whole world 🙂

What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned when it comes to working with music and in the music industry?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is to never lower my arms despite the inevitable frustrations and always using my mistakes to learn.

How would you describe your style? What would you say sets your own perspective apart?

I have a fairly progressive style. I like to move through ambient sounds and introduce a nice groove to create a melodic journey but always keep us hooked.

Is there a particular message or meaning you aim to share through your music?

I try to simply convey what I feel. The name Heaven on Earth comes from what I felt after recording my first set, that feeling of putting on headphones and connecting with music can only describe it as being in paradise, and that is what I try to communicate to people through my sets.

Martin Urdinez

What is something you love to hear in the music you listen to and play? What sounds really connect deeply to you?

What I really enjoy the most are the trippy melodies you get with long breakdowns, with that I feel like the set takes some air and you go into a different journey than the one you get with the groovy part of the set (which I enjoy too of course).

Besides music, what do you love to listen to?

There’s nothing like the sounds you hear in a mountain (:

What has been one of your favorite moments in your career so far?

Well, this is actually a moment I’ve been waiting for a pretty long time, so I would say that this is my favorite one 

What are your goals for “Heaven on Earth”? What does this show mean to you and what do you hope the audience experiences?

The main goal is that people can enjoy music and connect to it through my show and I hope I can transmit to them the love I have for what I do.
Regarding the show… That’s kind of a dream coming true and I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the year. As I told you before, this was one of my first goals, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the FRISKY listeners?

Just to tell them that I hope that they enjoy the ride.