Heatiack Inspires Emotional Exploration with Deep Intuition

Lauren Krieger

Heatiack’s approach to electronic music has been driven by a personal desire to go deeper into life’s story, to create music that will “arouse self-exploration and understanding”. Early lessons learned in using his heart and instincts to guide him have led him to a life where he can be surrounded by music and share his experiences with others who feel the same passion. The name “Heatiack” itself represents a deeper meaning, one which he describes as “a mix of happiness, anger, fear, and sorrow”, reflecting the “balanced paradox between your emotions and thoughts”.

With this inspiration leading him, Heatiack has been building a sound that stands out, music that invites you to lose yourself in its dark, deep, emotional landscape. It’s this energy which he is now bringing to FRISKY’s DEEP channel with the launch of his new show Deep Intuition. Get a feel by listening to his premiere episode now and read on to learn more.

Deep Intuition airs Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 03 PM EST [convert timezone]. Listen live or on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

When did you first know that you wanted to pursue this type of music?

I remember when I was around 13-14, one day, after failing to convince my father to buy me a Guitar, I went to a book store after school and told the girl who worked there that “I want to be a music producer”. She didn’t know much about DAWs and told me to check other shelves to see if there are any related books.

As far as I remember, I bought 2 books and “Dance Ejay” and “Virtual Dj” softwares that day. As soon as I got home, I started to learn and train myself. I have to confess that I was really confused.

At first I would listen to old school hiphop and rap songs, so my first tracks resembled hiphop beats, with trance pads and house kicks. However, They sounded a little weird because they couldn’t convey my feelings properly. There are always thoughts and emotions which I’m not able to express through words.

Soon, I found out that it’s better to share what’s in my head with notes rather than language. By that time, I realized that Electronic music was what I was looking for, it is still beyond the borders and growing with a variety of tones and there are no limits.

How do you think your early beginning in hiphop and rap have influenced your style ?

As a matter of fact, I started to engage with music via rap and hiphop, and there are so many 90’s and early 2000 tracks in my playlist I still listen to while driving, training, and especially before my boxing matches. I think it’s the words, the groove and the powerful bass lines that motivate and empower me.

And since these properties are attached to my taste of music and although I really like and welcome the creativity in electronic music, I still look for signs of those melodies and characteristics in what I listen to.

Where did the name “Heatiack” come from?

Well, as a teenager everybody used to have a nickname, mine was “Heat”.
Since the most frequent sentences told by my friends were things like: “Why is your body always warm?”
“Why don’t you wear more clothes during winter?” etc…

But the name “Heat” itself couldn’t satisfy me; I was craving for something unique, something of my own. So I decided to add some important events or feelings of my life to it. Each added letter reminds me of a notable event of my life.

As soon as I created the name, I decided to make the meaning, and based on those life events that turned “Heat” to “Heatiack”, I should say the best description for it is a mix of happiness, anger, fear, and sorrow. The bittersweet feeling that pops up when you’re mad at your lover and you want to yell at her and at the same time you feel like you really love her.

The feeling when you succeed in reaching your goals and the tears of joy that ensue when you recall the journey to get to this point. A balanced paradox between your emotions and your thoughts.

Do you feel your home and local scene has had an impact on your approach to music ?

Surely it has. I’ve grown up in a home full of different emotions, my mother has a bachelor major in literature and my father is a carpenter. They both are artists, they both are creative and create unique things, more importantly, they both make decisions by heart.

Although I didn’t pursue their career paths, I try to act like they do.

I learned how to start and follow through on projects from my father and how to define them from my mother. They are my biggest fans, and even though the see music as more of a hobby than an occupation, they do their best to remain supportive.

But my life took a turn when I met my boxing coach. Despite my relentless effort to gain traction and recognition in music it was to no avail. My coach taught me that in every defeat there is a lesson to be learned and that a healthy progress towards success is never achieved easily. He taught me to trust my instincs and gave me the confidence to let them guide me.

I started trying new things and letting life teach me lessons and because of that attitude I grew both as a person and as an artist.

And the best thing to mention is my current job, I am working in Iran’s best Instrument store and I get to see so many people everyday and learn various things.

Ever since I adopted this attitude, the universe shows me the path onwards to the next level.


You have a distinctive deep and chill style, Would you say that the music you produce reflects your personality?

That’s a great question, I always think of that.

I listen to almost all genres of music, I always have some chill style playlists for special moments. So I can say maybe subconsciously I lean towards this type of music and this is the kind of music that I can swim and drown in.
And yes the best way to understand me is to listen to my playlists and music.

Are there certain emotions or moods which you always try to transmit through your tracks?

I believe within each piece of art there is a story which the artist tries to convey, and I am no exception. Sometimes the emotions and moods lead my music and sometimes a specific sound design or technique helps to form a project or song.

You know? I love creating new things but starting a project doesn’t ensure ending it well since I have so many unfinished tracks. however, I think the most dependable guidance to finish a project are always my emotions. As Hans Christian Andersen once wisely said; “Where words fail, Music speaks.”

What do you enjoy the most when it comes to working on new music?

As I mentioned there are always some emotional sparks that lead my work during each project and I really like to hear my tracks again and again after they’re done. I assume that applies to most artists.

I never had the chance to learn music in an academic institute or university or even from a mentor. I learned it all by myself from youtube, reading, training, and obtaining little snippets of knowledge from people’s conversations and… I’m still learning right now.

Fortunately because of the place that I’m working right now, I keep meeting new musicians and can talk to them, ask them my questions, hear what they talk about among themselves and learn so many things. Each time that I learn something new I open a project and start practicing that immediately.

The most joy is when a friend of mine does this as well or when people share stories with my tracks on their social media accounts. Their feedback is precious to me, and provides me with perspective, and through their interest in my work I can see the result of my hard work and effort throughout the years.

I just love doing this, and because of what I love, I’ve experienced so many unusual things. It took so long.

What has been one of your favorite experiences as a DJ?

I really love performing live and communicating with people and I think it’s the most joyful part of being a DJ, but unfortunately, it is illegal in my country so I seldom have the opportunity to experience something like that.

Most of my activities as a DJ are done in my own room and by myself. while it may seem like a strange circumstance for a DJ, I have come to enjoy creating this way and sharing it. So my favorite experience as a DJ is working with FRISKY, and the greatest feeling was the time when Giuliano replied to my E-mail and liked my work.

FRISKY has always been by my side from the beginning in so many different situations, I’m so pleased doing this and sharing “Deep Intuition” with the world via Frisky Radio.

Can you share your top tracks that your feel represent what “Heatiack” is all about?

I love these ones the most:

Actually My upcoming EP “What A Day!” Describes me the best, but another upcoming track “Libt” describes my nowadays mood better. “EVEr.” And “Lal” With the very lovely voice of “Saye” represent my thoughts good and “ETA” is my taste of music as well.

I love the name “Deep Intuition” – is there a story behind why you chose it for your show?

In fact Giuliano helped me, I mean he said it’s better to choose something related to “deep” which is what I do. I thought with myself that my tracks may arouse self-exploration and understanding. I chose the name in Farsi, and the closest equivalent I could think of was Intuition.

What is important to you in the music that you select for your mixes? What can listeners expect?

I always imagine the place or situation when the remix is going to be played, considering the smallest details, and let the scene guide the mood. I start to choose genres and styles, BPM and sound design based on that. I select about 50 tracks for a one hour mix, considering the place and audience, then I start recording.