Glenn Morrison brings his eclectic and electric sound to FRISKY with launch of Sequence

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Hard-working and dedicated DJ and Producer Glenn Morrison joins FRISKY

Glenn Morrison has accomplished an incredible amount in his DJ career thus far, as resident of renowned Ibizan clubs Amnesia and Space, Space in Miami, and most recently Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas, and well as a producer and writer for labels including Sony Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music ATV. His passion for the electronic music world is evident in his dedication to all aspects of the industry, from producing and remixing, to mastering, to touring the globe, while always bringing his energy and style to every project he touches.

Beginning his connection with music as a classical pianist, Glenn’s transition into electronic music came smoothly and suddenly as soon as he discovered the unique energy that the music held. Once he discovered the sound, he dove in full force, collecting vinyl and spinning wherever he could, traveling the world in order to soak up each city’s unique club scenes. As a lover of great compositions, producing was another natural fit that he pursued with fervor. In 2007, this dedication paid off through with the release of “Contact”, an emotional and melodic trance track that hit the top of the World Dance Charts and rocked dance floors everywhere. His following releases “No Sudden Moves”, “Tokyo Cries”, and “Symptoms of a Stranger” are other standouts that helped propel his career into the spotlight.

GM_BiogNow having played at over 400 events worldwide, Glenn has become a major draw, his versatility and genre hopping high energy performances leave enthralled audiences in his wake. While not on tour, his Toronto based label Morrison Recordings and mastering studio Alpine Recordings keep Glenn busy, where he does sound design and production for companies like Nintendo, EA Sports, Rockstar, and IMAX, always working on music, and always pursuing the next adventure in sound.

While able to fit with the big room sound, Glenn Morrison’s range can vary from minimal techno to euphoric trance to driving progressive, with enthusiasm and excitement brought to whatever he touches. He defies genre definitions, or even restrictions of “underground vs. EDM”, preferring to mix wide ranges of music together in order to keep his audience on their toes.

Adding to Glenn’s long list of accomplishments and current projects is a brand new show on FRISKY: Sequence. Featured as Artist of the Week in March, Glenn has appeared several times on FRISKY, as a guest on FRISKY Loves Canada, Universal, Jee Productions, and more. His new show Sequence will be the perfect avenue for Glenn to share his unique perspective of electronic music, blending styles and genres with the passion and energy of someone who can never get enough of it. For Glenn Morrison it’s all about creating an experience for his listeners, so tune in to the premiere episode of Sequence on May 18th and let him take you on a journey through the past, present, and future of his incomparable sound.

Show Page: Sequence
Premiere: May 18th @ 8PM EST [convert timezone]

In the mean time, get ready by listening to his epic Artist of the Week special!

Listen Now: Glenn Morrison – Artist of the Week