Get Connected with the “Get FRISKY with Selador DJ Mix Competition” Winner: Bonch

Lauren Krieger

Christos Voniatis, aka Bonch, is a pure DJ at heart. His love for collecting music and discovering what moves him the most has led to a style which is open minded, fresh, and passionate. His variety and flow is what drew the attention of Selador’s Dave Seaman & Steve Parry, who selected his mix to represent their label and be featured on the Selador Sessions show on FRISKY. (Listen to the winning mix here.) Through his experience and dedication, Bonch has been helping grow the scene in his home Cyprus, where local talents are starting to follow the inspiration of the touring DJs and create a thriving underground of their own.

With his deep and honest approach to the music, Bonch’s mix caught the ear of thousands of FRISKY listeners and especially the two judges.

Dave Seaman & Steve Parry share their thoughts:

“It was nice to be asked by FRISKY to co-host a DJ completion with our label Selador. Dave and I both have radio shows on FRISKY, so it seemed a logical move.

It’s tough for DJs nowadays to break through in this age, so being able to do our bit to help is a nice thing.

A lot of great entries were sent through, and the FRISKY and Selador teams enjoyed listening to a varied musical selection.

The winning mix had that Selador feel and stood out a bit from the other mixes, with its varied musical flow, not just pigeonholing itself to one style – which is very much a Selador thing!”

Tune into to Bonch’s special guest mix on Selador Sessions on September 13th at 6PM EST [convert timezone] or listen afterwards anytime & anywhere with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Apps

Learn more about Bonch before you listen:

How did you first get involved in electronic music?

It all started as a hobby collecting the music that I loved. Trying to find the tunes that made me the most impression to me was a challenge on its own. I fell in love with electronic music when I attended the Cream nights hosted in Agia Napa by Tony Barton in the legendary Pzazz club. The atmosphere was just amazing. Everyone feeling and dancing to the music. So I started working at the club which gave me the opportunity to meet the DJs. Watching them work was a game changer for me. The collection was just getting bigger and electronic music became a passion.

What is the Cyprus underground scene like? Has it changed since you began?

Cyprus underground has changed a lot from just a few parties in the summer mainly in Agia Napa to growing festivals. Nowadays a lot of local talents are pursuing the art, from DJs to producers, trying to provide their own flair to the scene which is getting bigger every year, the audience is also being educated and ever growing together with the electronic scene following not only international DJs but also local talents as well.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Where to start they are so many and I dont want to leave anyone behind. I just want to say a big thank you to all for the music the inspiration and the special moments they gave us Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, FatBoy Slim, Moby, Unkle, Moderat, Gus Gus, Carl Cox,Sasha, Dave Seman, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howels, Nick Warren, John Digweed just to name few.

What drives you as a DJ?

The music just keeps me going. It transfers emotions that reminds myself and to a lot of people around me, what matters the most. It is a difficult task to make everyone connect with the music that I select. But when I see people dance to it and enjoy it as much as I do simply makes me happy and motivates me to perform even better the next time I stand in the booth.

What types of sounds, genres, or moods do you relate most to?

From House to Techno and everything in between. Within every track there is a story to be told. Mainly groovy vibes are the ones that I prefer. However depending on the mood I might be influenced by dreamy, melodic or even dark vibes it is important to me that it influences my mood in a way that makes me happy and want to dance.

What have been your favorite moments behind the decks and on the dance floor?

Every time behind the decks is a special moment for me and I enjoy every minute of it. I understand the feeling of being on the dance floor, waiting for the next tune to drop. It feels exactly the same when I stand in the booth.

The best moments I would say were the ones that make me feel I am one with the crowd. They are the ones that I am part of them, partying just like I did back in the 90s.

Can you give us some insight into the thought process behind, and creation of, the winning mix?

The creative process in compiling a mix is the part that I love but you can easily get lost with the massive amount of music out there.

It is important that you remember a track and try to find which tracks work well together. The most important for me is that you have your unique style and sound.

Try to be different and love what you do.

Bonch’s Selador Sessions guest mix premieres on September 13th at 6PM EST [convert timezone].
Listen afterwards anytime & anywhere with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Apps

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