GET FRISKY | ADE2016 – Uniting the Deep Sounds of the Underground

Lauren Krieger

The GET FRISKY | ADE2016 DJs tell us what they’re most excited about for the 2nd annual event.

bannermFRISKY returns to ADE this year, with a lineup that exemplifies the spirit of the Home of Underground Electronic Music. Covering a diverse range of genres with a unified style, this event will feature some of FRISKY’S latest resident DJs representing the complex and creative sounds of the new DEEP channel, as well as established FRISKY artists who are ready to take the crowd on an unparalleled journey through every hour.

img_1546The spirit of FRISKY is in more than the quality of music, but in the community that exists between all who love it, and the energy that is created when we come together. The GET FRISKY | ADE2016 event was created to experience this cohesion first hand, to bring the underground electronic music collective together in one space, for 12 hours of non-stop flow, led by some of the world’s best musical guides.

When we asked each performing DJ what they were most excited about for this 2nd annual FRISKY ADE event, there was a similar theme that ran through the responses – togetherness, friendship, and family.

1-hazendonkfm“I’m very excited to join the frisky crew again! Last year was a blast meeting artists and crew from all over the world who all share the same mindset. Essential!” – Paul Hazendonk

1-sleekI am so happy to be among all this great artists and playing to my favorite Frisky Radio.” – Mark Youssef

1-thewaronconsciousnessI am looking forward to kicking off ADE 2016 proper with the Frisky fam.” – Justin Massei

1-tripswitchStarting my own show on Frisky Radio this year has been a real career highlight, and I’m really honoured to be asked to play at the FRISKYADE showcase and bring my sound to the club along with so many other quality DJs. It will be my first ADE so I’m really excited to submerge myself in some amazing music for a few days too!” – Tripswitch

1-paulnolanI’m most excited about sprinting straight from the airport, straight into the club from liverpool and dropping some tasty new and exclusive Chapter 24 material, alongside my good mate Just Her!” – Paul Nolan

1-diffusion“I am very excited to bring Diffusion to the dancefloor at this event. Can’t wait to test few of my new tracks. This is going to be fun…See you all there” – LOOPer

1-sergeI am most excited for the second Annual FRISKYADE event for the special fact that it is going to be my first time attending. Also, gives me an opportunity to visit Europe which my favorite “stomping ground”. Certainly looking forward to sharing and enjoying this magnificent day with the Sullivan Room/Frisky Family under the same roof. House music is a spiritual journey for me, it takes me to places words can’t describe.” – SR Serge

1-samirkulievI am honored to be a part of Frisky team and to act on such a landmark event, as the ADE with talented musicians and DJ’s. Events like this are essential for all people who live in different countries. This is not just a way to meet and talk it is also a way to share experience and to erase borders through the music. Thanks Frisky Radio for this opportunity. We look forward to our listeners of 2nd Annual FRISKYADE event.” – Samir Kuliev

1-helixAlthough I’ve been attending ADE for a few years now, this will be my first time ever playing at an official ADE event, so one of my main career goals is being achieved thanks to #FRISKYADE. Can’t wait!” – Just Her

1-intothemadlands2We’ve been fans of Frisky Radio for many years. To be asked to represent the brand at ADE, and play alongside these top notch artists is an honor to say the least.” – Wild Dark

1-polymath“For me, Frisky Radio is one of the most forward thinking online radio stations. I’m happy to be part of it, and I’m even happier to be performing for them at ADE.” – Third Son

1-tuxedoThat will be my first visit to ADE ever and I feel honored and grateful for an opportunity to be part of the Frisky event. I look forward to meet some friends I know only virtually so far and make many new ones. Line-up is full of talented artists so it will be a great night for sure with a lot of listening pleasure!” – Tuxedo

img_1453The nature of electronic music requires cooperation and collaboration, the act of DJing is to share each others’ music, to create a new story from a collection of others that move us, each piece of the puzzle vital to a greater whole. It’s no surprise that it’s important to us to connect in person as we connect through our music, and GET FRISKY | ADE2016 provides a chance to make that happen. We hope to see you there!

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Recycle Lounge Gallery Club
October 19
4PM – 4AM
Free Admission
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ADE Page
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