George Marvel on telling stories through Nocturne


Nocturne continues to bring us the night grooves after 6 years on Frisky

You cannot really say if the feeling is the same every time we discover that there is a show completing its anniversary with us. Each show has a story of its own; the first time when we connected with the artist, or the first time when the show was aired and received feedback from the audience. The ability to connect with audience and bringing them together through those wonderful transitions and groove lines is unparalleled.

Recently NOCTURNE turned 6 and we couldn’t be much happier. We spoke to the curator, Mr. George Marvel and it was a delightful conversion. Here is what we talked about.


Congratulations once again, NOCTURNE turns 6. How does it feel?

As the show is getting older it has more listeners from all over the world & a constant appearance in the top 10 of Frisky, so can’t feel more than wonderful!

We would love hear the inception story of the show. How/where did it all start?

That’s a question that I have been asked a lot.

All began with the Frisky Loves series, I had an email asking me if I could join the Frisky Loves Greece line up, so I did sent an one hour set, and I think it went good and that’s the only reason I can think that I was asked again to do another one hour mix as an Artist of the week.

Well as you understand after that Chief F asked me if I can join the Frisky train, but if you want more kinky details you can jump on the Frisky forums (by the way I miss that on the new Frisky site), HAHA! still remember Faisal teasing me about I am skinny cat (Not only metaphorically) among fat cats I think he wasn’t 100 present sure about my persistence. I guess the time showed that he shouldn’t and I guess it was a decision that he hasn’t regret.

It is one thing to say that I love music from all genres but completely opposite, when it comes to hosting a show on the same theme. How difficult or easy is it to pull tracks from everywhere and put them in your show and keep the audience engaged?

Making the set for Frisky is a long procedure at least for me, considering that month on month, I choose tracks from my promos that fit to the Nocturne theme. I am lucky one also to have a five day residency as a DJ and can test them also live so by the time. When I record the new episode, I have to choose between hundreds amazing tracks (thanks to the labels that & the artists that trust me with their work by the way) so as you understand you can’t put them all in a 2 hour set and that’s my biggest headache every month. Besides that everything else it’s a matter of experience & depends about the mood I am into that moment I mix, the feelings & the story I want to tell!

Most of the nocturne episodes are storytellers!


If you were to list out reasons to host the radio show, what would come at the top?

Hosting a show on frisky Radio immediately connects you with an extensive community and attracting a worldwide audience.

How different is it in terms of approach when it comes to designing a set for radio show and live audience?

First of all in both occasions you have to be yourself. On the radio has to do about the theme you want to represent in 2 hours and just because it’s on radio its safer to play more radio friendly stuff, But for a live audience things are completely different as it has to do from many factors as the club, if it is open air, which part – country of the world you play, how mature is the audience you are playing for. Personally in a live the music I play is just my taste and I have in mind all those small but serious factors.

The energy you send and receive from the crowd above is what formats my live sets and that can’t have it on a radio show!

Radio has the magic to make you imagine what things would be live, but on a Live is THE Magic!

When were you first introduced to electronic music? Can you name the first artist you ever heard which kind of put your interest into electronic music?

I think that the first electronic artist that I stuck to listening was Zan Michel Zar at the age of 10 with the Zoolook album – still got that tape!

Who is your biggest inspiration in the music industry? What inspires you to spend those long hours in front of the laptop before coming up with the new show?

My Biggest inspiration was and still is Sasha, especially with his mix on the first of The Northern exposure series ,which had a huge effect at me as a DJ.

Still I consider it and I think I am not the only one, as one of the Best mix albums of all time, A timeless mix! And that is what brings me in front of the laptop!

The effort to create a timeless episode!

What are top 3 tracks that have been the regular feature of your set?

Those are my most favorites from the summer that passed, its one for a different reason and his part on a set
Chicola – Childhood [Lost & Found] Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (Jonas Rathsman Remix) [Ninja Tune] John Monkman & Pete Tong – Aurora (Chaim remix) [Beesemyer Music]

Thanks for the wonderful 6 Years!

Listen to Nocturne now & hear for yourself:

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