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GabiM Presents Forward-Thinking Music with Thoughts in Motion

Lauren Krieger

With a fascination and passion for electronic music originating decades ago in his native Hungary, GabiM initiated his own DJ career while he was living in Melbourne in 2011, establishing himself as a driven and dedicated force for the underground. Playing alongside industry heavyweights Henry Saiz, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Hot Since 82, Blond:Ish, Hunter&Game, Finnebassen, and many more, GabiM has since become widely recognized for his balance of emotional, deep Progressive House & Techno which blends dark atmospheres with uplifting melodies.

His productions have become widespread as well, with releases on labels such as Beatfreak Recordings, Manual Music/MNL, Asymmetric Recordings, Stellar Fountain, Modern Agenda, Massive Harmony Records, BC2 and more.

Now living in Malta, GabiM’s music career continues to rise, with his love for “forward-thinking electronic music” pushing him to keep creating and sharing the music that moves him. Locals can catch him at Like No Other events, which you can find out more about on Facebook & Instagram. And with the launch of his new show Thoughts in Motion now premiering on FRISKY, he is adding another avenue for spreading his sound to the rest of the world. Already reaching an audience of over 18K as a guest on A Rec, Asymmetric Radio, and Artist of the Week, GabiM’s Thoughts in Motion will be an ever-evolving mix of music that comes from deep within himself.

Thoughts in Motion premieres on March 4th @ 4 PM EST [convert timezone] and is available to listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium. Catch up with GabiM now, as we get ready for launch:

GabiM Press Shot

I’d love to learn about your experience in the Hungarian scene when you first got into the music. What were some of the shows that influenced your desire to be a DJ? 

I have to start by stating that I left Hungary over 14 years ago but those first 24 years of my life there definitely shaped my musical taste. The scene back then was amazing. So fresh and so underground. No bs. Just how it’s supposed to be. The most legendary club for me was M47 where I had some of my most memorable and incredible musical experiences. I still remember getting my groove on to Speedy J, DJ Rush and Cristian Varela. They played some hard techno there which I really enjoyed and I will never forget, however later I started preferring more melodic sounds. I’ve been to many clubs but the last two years I spent in Budapest were unforgettable. Clubs like Home, Events Hall, and parties by the Debut team were always next level.

What has been one of your favorite moments in your career? 

When Armin van Buuren played my original track (Reset) [Manual Music/MNL] in Miami at Ultra Music Festival in 2018.

What gets you the most excited about the music lately? Is there something you most enjoy doing?

I love discovering new producers and labels that are not afraid to break new ground as well as hearing new sounds and top-quality production in a track can have such a powerful effect on me.

When it comes to producing my own tracks, I have the most fun creating a cool new sound regardless if it’s a drum or a synth sound. I love Maschine’s drum engine and Arturia’s microbrute lately among some other new synths that I’m still experimenting with.

How has your taste or preferences changed since you first began? How has it stayed the same? 

Well it’s been a long (20+ years) process. I grew up on proper techno and progressive house but now my taste has become a bit more multifaceted. I get bored very quickly of certain trends and ideas etc. So it’s a never-ending search for new/fresh pockets of music that has something authentic to offer and goes well within my sets and enables me to step outside or go around a certain style if I wanted to. Having said this, progressive house and techno still have a heavy influence on my preferences.

What is one thing that makes or breaks a great track for you?

It has to be at least two I’m afraid – originality and sound quality!

What matters most to you in the music you produce and mix? 

Music will always be subjective but coming up with something that is very meaningful and personal to me, that is capable of leaving me in a euphoric state, would be at the top of the list.  Anything I write needs to be raw and real, with the sole purpose of putting my emotions into sounds.  Another crucial aspect to my production is having my tracks sounding as good as possible in clubs as well as translating well on most sound systems.

If there was one thing that you wanted GabiM to be known for, what would it be?

Not conforming. 🙂

What is most challenging for you in your career as a DJ / Producer? What is the most rewarding part?

Maintaining a constant social media presence, I’d say is the part I despise the most from this career. While social media certainly has its upsides, I feel that unfortunately, we’ve gotten to a point where sometimes it’s no longer a matter of who’s producing or mixing to the highest quality but rather who has the most social media presence, which at the end of the day, might not necessarily directly reflect your level of skill or talent as a dj or producer. ⁃ On a more positive note, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing those faces in front of me in the crowd that truly understand and appreciate the music when I play.

Can you tell us more about your show Thoughts in Motion? What can listeners expect to hear or experience? 

I generally record mixes based off of my mood and muse at the time, so I can’t promise anything in particular other than the fact that I will not be sticking to one particular style all the time and that the only model I will follow will be whatever resonates with me at the time. The show will purely be an expression of my thoughts in motion (hence the name). That being said, listeners can also expect to hear a constantly evolving, wide range of underground electronic music that is sure to keep them on their toes! 🙂