friskyRecords – The First Year


We’re just about to close out the first year of friskyRecords.  To say that I think we achieved everything we set out to do with the label this year would be an understatement.  Not only did we release the first ever dj mix compilation by a world-reknowned artist, we also smashed charts and ranked consistently in the Top 10 of major record promo pools; not to mention our last 5 releases have debuted straight onto the Number 1 spot of the Progressive House Promo Charts – a feat that is yet unmatched by any other label in the promo pool’s history.

We didnt set out to make friskyRecords into Yet Another Record Label.  There are plenty of labels out there releasing great stuff by some amazing artists – the world did not need another record label.  Yet, I felt where friskyRecords could come in and make a contribution to the world of electronic dance music is to expand on friskyRadio’s core mission over the past 9 years: of introducing great music to the world.  The core frisky brand is about great music and community.  More than egos, names or titles, its about the collective passion of the music that moves all of us.  I don’t care who is playing the music, if its good we will play it on friskyRadio and promote it to share it with our global audience.

I wanted to continue that with friskyRecords.  I believe that if one has the passion and the talent, with support they can be successful.  Thats why we have always taken into consideration not only the person’s quality of work, but their passion for their art.  Because lets face it, making music is an art.  These artists give us a lot of trust by letting us release their work and promote it – so we try to make sure that we work with artists that will be as hard-working and passionate as we are about our work.


friskyRecords Year001

We thought what better way to finish off the first year than with a special treat for our fans. We opened up the entire friskyRecords catalogue of tracks to our friskyRadio residents, artists and community and invited them to create brand new versions and remixes of each track. The result is Year001, an EP and mixed compilation spanning all the material released on the label during it’s first year. Year001 is inspiring, exclusive and reflects the sound from dancefloors both near and far. You can check it out at Beatport now.

In closing I would like to congratulate the amazing roster of artists that we had the pleasure to work with over the past year, the guest DJs that made exclusive dj mixes for friskyRadio (all 300+ of you!), our supporters that subscribe to the friskyRadio Subscriptions, without their generous donations we wouldnt be able to keep the station running, the friskyRadio staff especially our rock star friskyRecords Label Manager Ira Heinichen, friskyRadio web Ninja Giuliano ‘Papigiulio’ Garau, and the ‘Honorary friskyStaff members’ Alexis ‘Shamanah’ Reghas, Ingo Vogelmann and Ben Mautner. But most of all I’d like to thank our fans that gave us tremendous support and encouragement this year and our listeners that tune in from all corners of the world and spend some time with us every day. It is for the fans that we do this, and will keep doing this as long as you keep supporting us!