friskyRadio October 2011 Charts


Hola friskyFreaks! We’re back with another edition of the Charts! We had some amazing shows in this past month (like we do every day) and we feel this month our rock star residents and guest DJs really stepped it up and further proved that FRISKY is the top radio station for dance music anytime, anywhere.

Here are the Top 10 mixes on friskyRadio in October 2011, based on listener tune in data and the friskyRadio Subscription download trends:

01. Fernando Ferreyra – Dreamers
02. Akane Akasaka – FRISKY Loves Japan
03. Nick Warren – Sound Garden
04. Guy J – Artist of the Week
05. Dave Seaman – Radio Therapy
06. Vogelmann – LIGHTWORKS
07. Lemon8 – 8-Track Mind
08. Hiroshi Watanabe – FRISKY Loves Japan
09. Marcelo Vasami – INCEPTION
10. Marc Pole – Mind the Gap

Congrats to all the DJs that made it to the friskyTop 10 and thanks to the fans and listeners that tune in each day, every day!

You can download these shows, in addition to more than 9,000 other exclusive shows that you can not get anywhere else on the friskyRadio Subscription.