FRISKY Weekly: Carl Cox’s final year at Space, the past & future of LA’s rave scene & more

Lauren Krieger

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“Me not being a part of the island is unthinkable. I haven’t not been on the island since 1985.”

The End of an Era: Carl Cox weighs in on his final year at Space Ibiza [interview]


“We all knew we were doing something different or new – a conspiracy of sorts…”

The Birth of House Music in New York City: How Larry Levan, Boyd Jarvis and Tony Humphries helped kick off a dance music revolution


“Photographing the rave scene in the 1990s was an amazing, thrilling and challenging experience.”

26 Incredible Photographs from LA’s 90’s Rave Scene


…the “rave events” go “beyond what anybody should endure” and pose a liability to the county.

Rave-style events in Devore (S.CA) could be a thing of the past come May 24



I remember the miracle times when I discovered electronic music…

Sense of Rhythm debuts on FRISKY – Listen to the premiere episode now!