FRISKY Talk 015: Wild Dark

Lauren Krieger

Wild Dark has been working together to share a deeply rooted yet fresh sound that transcends the usual, bringing their refined and forward thinking music from the New York City Underground to the rest of the world. Having shared a passion for the music since they were teenagers, brothers Corey and Ryan have an incredible ear for quality that expands beyond genres, and an understanding of mood that enables them to adjust to a variety of situations, truly creating a journey no matter the audience. Their popular DEEP show Into the Madlands showcases their distinctive style, featuring smooth and stylish tracks that create all-encompassing experiences.

With a focus on production driving their current musical landscape, Wild Dark is geared up to be showing even more of their creative vibes, and I’m excited to see what’s in store. It was wonderful to catch up with the brothers, to learn about what drives them, hear about the evolution of the New York City scene, and discover why they work so well together. I could really feel the passion and humble love of the music through their words, and I’m happy to share their insights on this episode of FRISKY Talk.

Photo by: Rocky Ramniceanu

Featured Tracks:

[0:00] Wild Dark – Talky Talkie [trueColors]

[7:40] Wild Dark – Born By The River [trueColors]

[20:55] Wild Dark – Why Not [trueColors]

[28:05] Wild Dark – I’ll Wait [trueColors]