FRISKY Talk 008: Amber Long

Lauren Krieger

In all that she does (and that’s a lot!) Amber Long’s passion and dedication for underground electronic music can be felt. Her voice is heard on some of the progressive world’s top tracks, while she brings her own unique perspective on the music through her deep DJ sets (like her FRISKY show Rogue), and with her personal productions and remixes. She keeps her own creativity flowing while also supporting other artists through Modern Agenda and Honey Drops, labels that are starting to really leave their mark on the electronic music landscape.

We had such a fun conversation, covering a wide variety of subjects – from personal growth, to epic moments, to how amazing the underground electronic music community is, all shared with lots of love and laughter. Amber opens up about some of her toughest times and explains how she was able to use those experiences to motivate for change, while providing helpful advice for others. Through it all, it’s obvious the love she has for what she does, and how much the future holds for her.

Featured Tracks:

[0:00] Robert Hardy & Amber Long – Fade In My Dreams (Robert Mason Remix)
[5:18] Amber Long – Road Maps
[13:10] Jonas Saalbach, Hacker & Miethig – Nightwalk feat. Amber Long
[20:28] Robert Hardy & Amber Long – Fade In My Dreams (Silinder Remix)
[32:04] Amber Long & Robert Mason – Run Away
[48:04] Amber Long – Cashmere Lines