FRISKY Talk 006: Pole Folder

Lauren Krieger

Pole Folder’s passion for the music is evident in all he does, from his exceptional productions to his crowd pleasing live sets, he brings an incomparable energy and magic to his sound. His continuous dedication to electronic music has earned him global recognition that has continued to grow since he first burst on the scene in the early 2000’s, when his releases on Global Underground, Renaissance, and Bedrock solidified his place in dance music history.

Today he continues to spend time building beautiful music in the studio and playing unique sets around the world, his passion for the music still thriving. I had such a wonderful time talking to Pole Folder about what it is that drives him, and where he finds the most inspiration in the creative process. We talk about new beginnings, the start of his new studio and his new direction, and the importance of continuing to grow while also being happy with where you are. He gives insight on how the role of a DJ has changed, and so much more, covering a wide array of topics that fans and peers alike will enjoy.

Be sure to check out his popular FRISKY show Destinations, and catch him live at Get FRISKY ADE on October 19th at Club NL.

Featured Tracks:

[0:00] Pole Folder – Gate Of The Sun
[5:32] Pole Folder – St. Pauli
[14:48] Pole Folder – Motel
[25:12] Pole Folder – Gare Centrale
[41:34] Mindaugus Jak – Persona (Pole Folder Remix)