FRISKY Presents Dave Seaman – The Selador Sessions

Lauren Krieger

Catch the world broadcast premier of Dave Seaman’s The Selador Sessions exclusively on FRISKY on December 17 2013 @ 5PM EST. (Convert time to your timezone here)

Ever since becoming one of the first DJs to release a CD mix compilation back in 1996, Dave Seaman has continued to rack up a long list of significant and memorable impacts on the electronic music industry. From his outstanding journeys on the dance floor to his perfectly blended Global Underground compilations, he has always been both at the forefront and into the depths of the music. His Radio Therapy show is consistently on Frisky’s Top 10, an audience favorite due to his unique blending of genres that put style and substance first.

Never one to stop pushing the boundaries of the music and the industry as a whole, he recently broke new ground by creating the first ever crowd-funded mix compilation. Funded solely by the fans, The Selador Sessions was only available to those who had backed the project during the Kickstarter campaign. Representing his new label with full force, the CD brought together the fans and the artists in a new and exciting way, and truly lived up to its landmark status.

Now, for the first time ever, this groundbreaking limited release will be aired in full, on a special Radio Therapy Broadcast.

Frisky Radio caught up with Dave Seaman for a quick 5-minute chat to discuss this project and to see what’s coming up next:

FRISKY: What was the most surprising part of the Kickstarted / Selador Sessions project?  What did you expect going into this?
Dave Seaman: That was the thing, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a journey into the unknown for me. A few months prior to launching the campaign I didn’t know what Kickstarter was so I’m sure it was a new idea to a lot of other people too. But I’m so glad I did it. It was a really exciting thing to do probably because of that risk element of it possibly not working. It had never been done before so it feels good to be treading new ground and was a real sense of achievement when the goal was reached.

FRISKY: Describe the challenges of licensing music for this rather unusual comp: the cd wont be sold in stores theres no future sales. How did labels react? Any particular lessons learnt?
Dave: Yeah. It took a while for a few people to get their heads around the concept. I suppose it all sounded too good to be true to a lot of labels as we were giving them an advance on an album that wasn’t going to be on sale anywhere. It was a limited edition only available to the backers of the project. So no iTunes, no Beatport, no Amazon, etc I think a lot of them were looking for the catch. But there wasn’t one. It was a win win situation 🙂

FRISKY: What was the most enjoyable part of the process?
Dave: Reaching the funding goal! haha We need to raise £25,000 to make the project happen and ending up passing that with 11 days to spare of the 30 day campaign. That was a great feeling. But the whole experience was a joy really. Doing something out of my comfort zone and that hadn’t been done before gave me a kick for sure.

FRISKY: As part of the pledge prizes, you gave away DJ lessons and private parties for larger donations. What were some of the rather, erm… “unusual” pledge perks that were discussed that didn’t make the final cut?
Dave: Haha. We did most of the ones that were discussed. VIP nights out, DJ lessons, private parties were no brainers really. It was those that caught the imaginations of the backers I think. People like to be able to buy experiences these days. Something a bit different from the norm. Things that traditionally would only have ever been possible if you one a competition or something. They were all on offer. And everyone I’ve done so far has been a pleasure.

FRISKY: What, in your mind, is the future of music labels?

Dave: Labels are becoming more like hubs for gangs of like minded producers and DJs to work from. I suppose that has been the case with a lot of labels for some time but I think it’s becoming even more so. It’s a great way to put your flag in the sand and associate yourself with other artists on your wavelength.

FRISKY: So what’s next for Dave Seaman and Selador Records?

Dave: We’ve got a load of releases ready to go from the likes of Rob Hes, Gabriel Ananda, Robert Babicz, Nicolas Massayeff, Dapayk and myself. And we did our first label party recently in Liverpool which sold out so we’ll definitely be pursuing that more regularly. It’s going to be a busy 2014 🙂

You definitely won’t want to miss this! Tune to the The Selador Sessions broadcast, airing December 17th at 5PM EST (Convert Timezone) immediately following the Radio Therapy show.Selador Sessions on FRISKY