FRISKY Pets: FeMMes on DecKs’ team of terriers

Lauren Krieger

FeMMes on DecKs share with us the awesome little dogs that make their lives complete!

RoMix & Nina

My pet’s name is Nina, she was born on 2014, March 13th , so, she´ll be 11 months old next week. She´s a sweet and crazy Jack Russell Terrier, her parents are Yuna and Homero, they both are small and lovely. The day I picked her up Laura (Seh) came with me, that day we met her parents and also her auntie, grandmother and one of her sisters.

ninakissNina came home in a very special moment, my grandpa was very ill in hospital and she came in his last week alive. My mother was looking after him, so that last week when Nina came I was fully in charge of her and we became very attached to each other. When my grandfather left, she brought a lot of company, craziness and joy to our lives.

For those first days, she chose me as her mum and we are really really close and love each other fully. It´s been said that Jack Russells are hyperactive, but she’s not exactly like that. She plays a lot, runs like crazy but she also loves being all the time with us, specially me. She loves sleeping in my lap while I work, listen to music, record Frisky mixes or watch TV. Of course, she sleeps with me, every night she changes positions but when I turn off the light she asks me to come under the sheets, rolls around and puts her face looking at me untill she falls asleep. Every morning, when we wake up, she literally jumps over me and licks my face for about 5 minutes or more. Sometimes, when she wants to sleep longer, she puts her head on the pillow and let me hug her like cuddling hahaha. It’s soooo hard to get up!!!

ninasideOn the other hand, I’m member of a Facebook Group called Jack Russell Terrier of Argentina, through that group I found her and after a few months I found a half sister Lola and 2 brothers: Otto and Cooper. We are about to arrange a meeting with her family. <3

ninajump ninasmileWhat else to say? Nina is not just a dog, a pet, she’s part of my family, like my daughter. I always loved dogs, but she is totally different: she’s full of love and tenderness, she makes me laugh, she makes me feel good, wake up with a big smile and go to bed in good company. I truly think that people that say that a dog is just a pet are missing something great and real. Dogs are like kids: they are simple and honest, they love you without interests involved, they JUST LOVE YOU. And I love her the same way. 🙂


Laura Seh & Sharp:

I have to say that I always loved dogs but 3 years ago I went to a pet shop with a friend and a little puppy came to me to play and I thought, I think it’s time to get mine. Anyway, it wasn’t an easy decision and I was meditating it a long time as I knew about all the responsibilities that it has attached.

sharpbbAt that time, one rainy night my father found a little puppy at their home door. She was about to die but she was very lucky as we carried her to the vet and after 4 days she was recovered. She was called Miracle because was a miracle that she didn’t die, and though she was living with my parents we started an special friendship that helped me decide to be a “dog mum”.

I travelled to London and I found an statue of “Sharp” at Kesington Palace. Sharp was Queen Victoria’s dog and she wrote “Sharp was my most faithful friend, and my most loved dog”. That day I thought “I want the same and I found his name!”

sharpI came back and I started the research. Initially I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier as I love them sooo much, but as they are hyperactive, probably it wasn’t a good idea. But I read a lot on the internet and I found the west highland white terrier and this breed was perfect for me: an active terrier, but a bit more quiet; small, sociable and super cute!

sharppupSharp came home at 3 months old being a little baby, and he is the sweetest thing. He always has good humour and he can change a bad day just in a few minutes because he has the ability of get smiles from everybody. And also he is a perfect sports partner as he is coming with me to the park every day to run (we are training for the dog run in May). We sleep together of course and we are really close, he is more than a dog. I confess that I did a space in my wardrobe for his clothes. Maybe now you want to know what about Sharp and Miracle. They are best friends and I’m going to my parents home every weekend because hey want to meet. They “bark” via FaceTime every week day, and of course Sharp is Nina’s (Romix’s dog) BFF as he was the first friend that she met. Now I’m working in some new stuff for High Heeled Geeks and he is with me in front of the MacBook listening carefully everything… He could be a great DJ!

Face Timing

Face Timing

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