FRISKY Pets: Barry Gilbey’s matching set of setters

Lauren Krieger

After talking to Barry Gilbey last week for a Quick Spin, we learned about his love for his”daft dogs”. Of course I had to hear more about them, so I got some background on this duo of very special pups:

“Introducing Guinness and Bonita aka Bobo. Me and my wife got Guinness when he was 2 years old as he had started fighting with the other dog he was living with and so had to be rehoused. We were very lucky that he came to us from his first family. He was a pretty messed up dog but full of love and enthusiasm.

Bobo has been with us since she was a puppy and has been Guinness’s inseparable side kick ever since.

They spend their days either crashing through woods or snoring away in the studio. They aren’t exactly the most active of studio assistants!”

download from phone Sep 29th 030JpegGUIN CLOSEIMG_0019smI’m sure there’s never a dull moment with those two around! 🙂

Give Guinness & Bobo some love, listen to DEFDISCO!