FRISKY Pets: Apsara’s Apollo

Lauren Krieger

Meet Apollo: Apsara’s beautiful kitty, who has traveled all the way from San Francisco to Jakarta!

Name: Apollo
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 8, 2008
First time we met each other: March 8, 2009 (adopted from SPCA in San Francisco) for my birthday gift)

Apsara - Apollo photo 5Color / Type: Grey Tabby / American Domestic Short hair
Eye color: Goldish emerald green
Height: ? (check the photo, he is pretty long)
Weight: 5.6kg

He is really really FAT.

Apsara - Apollo photo 1Personality: Very very very shy, easy to panic, scared of most of the things. (SPCA introduced him as “cherry blossom” type, I’m pretty sure it means “super pussy” in nice way of saying) but he is very sweet to me. (only to me, how loyal!)

He even scares of the sound of his food container bag making sound when I bring him food.

Apsara - Apollo photo 22His beliefs: Blanket will protect him from everything. (He hides under the blanket when people visit my house, hear some noise that he usually don’t hear, etc)

What he good at: Cuddling & sleeping with me.

Most adventurous thing he ever experienced:
Flight from San Francisco, USA to Jakarta, Indonesia when I moved to Jakarta.
He needed to take SF to Taipei (13 hours) then Taipei to Jakarta (8 hours).

I cannot imagine what he went though, but he looked like he lost so much weight over 1 day of the flight…

Apsara - Apollo photo 3

What a special, beautiful guy! Thanks for sharing Apollo with us, Apsara!

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