Frisky Nightlife: Peace, Love, and Music at Barcelona’s La Terrrazza

Lauren Krieger

Barcelona’s La Terrrazza celebrates 20 years of spreading the love of electronic music.

At first glance, La Terrrazza drew me in with their beautiful location, inviting open air setup, and their impressive list of resident and guest underground DJs. Celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, La Terrrazza has had decades of memorable events and they truly know what it’s like to be a part of the underground scene since the beginning. I hoped the energy of the place was as lovely as it seemed, and after speaking with owner Albert Tio, my initial impression was happily confirmed.


What was the beginning of La Terrrazza like? Do you have any favorite stories from the “early days”?

We were young lifefull party makers working for other projects, coming together. Started working with club owners but they all ended trying to get profit of our work, stay with our party and kick us out. In one of them we were in the club just beside and we had to leave when we started to get benefits, so we got shelter in the open air terrace beside and started something there. Times were the closing time was more flexible and we ended our sessions at 10 am from midnight. Getting money lent from Friends we payed our rents and expenses and started in a reinvestment philosophy, long term thinking. We were/are clubbers, so we wanted to create atmospheres and experiences that we would like to enjoy.

How would you describe the spirit of La Terrrazza?

Peace, Love and Music. Place to enjoy, relax and dance good quality underground innovative electronic music. Place of mixes of cultures, ages, sexual orientations for music lovers citizens of the world.


How do you think your location, both the unique open air setting and the overall nightlife experience of Barcelona, influences your club?

We are very lucky with our location but we also re-created the concept of space. Musical bar closed with a carpa before we arrived, we took that off and filled it with vegetation and decoration, every year a different concept.

Regarding Barcelona we are proud to be one of the starters of the club scene in the city, as we know it now, and also proud to be one of the few survivors, after 20 years. Barcelona is now really different from the year we started this club. The difficulty is not in succeeding, but in staying. And that is only possible if you enjoy it and live it with passion and be able to do everything thinking in other things rather than money.

LA TERRRAZZA 20 YEARS 1995-2015 from laterrrazza on Vimeo.

What are some of the most memorable moments from your last 20 years?

All the opening and closing parties have been memorable. The quantity and quality of artists who have visited our DJ booth, from the classics of Chicago House of the 80’s, to the latest young successful producers, the Off Week growing more and more every year.20

What we could think also of the very special moments when we suffer and enjoy a summer storm. When the crowd is already in and hot is making everybody sweat, then it’s a show to see water falling and people dancing without stop, just enjoying what gives us life.

Another image I have is the mornings we worked until nearly midday or more, as there were no restrictions or no stupid laws which say when people can dance or have fun. I have to say sadly that there was much more freedom. Like in Berlin nowadays. Customers decide when to close, if people stay and spend, the party is sustainable, so it can go on, always under security and cleaning measures, but why is it forbidden to dance, socialize or enjoy at a certain time?

And a third one could be about the big artists who have visited our DJ booth. I wouldn’t want to miss and I will because the list would be neverending, but History Monsters of the scene, we are proud to have invited artists like Danny Tenaglia, the disappeared Franky Knuckles, David Morales, Masters At work, all great persons first and really charismatic souls, to name a few. Also we have organized fashion shows, networking sessions, chill out flee.

Do you think the Underground electronic music scene has changed much since your beginning?

I think Underground has change as a must, it goes with it. Investigation, fusion of styles, new sounds with new technology, new possibilities. Never the same, though we could say it is lasting on time. Maybe that’s why, it is constantly re-adapting itself to the moment. Connectivity is higher and higher and music is an expression of art and communication so…


What excites you about the current electronic music world, and what are you looking forward to coming up next for La Terrrazza?

I’m excited about the evolution of music, you can find as much as good music as you can find not so good, a lot. Technologies have made creation more democratic, more people have access and that is beautiful, multiplies possibilities and quality.

Anything else you would like to share?

Just thanks to everybody who have helped us to make it possible, like press media like yours and be ready for at least 20 years more because we have energy enough coming from our passionate attitude.

Peace, Love and Music.

Visit La Terrraza’s website & Facebook page, and get into the atmosphere by listening to FRISKY Loves Spain!

Listen Now: FRISKY Loves Spain