FRISKY Nightlife: Gerardo Boscarino on Argentina’s important role in Electronic Music

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Argentina’s passionate fans have kept the Electronic Music scene going strong for generations.

Argentina is continually listed as a favorite destination for DJs, a place that always brings out experienced, passionate, and dedicated fans who know and love the music. To give us some insight into this powerful scene is Gerardo Boscarino, host of De Ushuaia a la Quiaca (aka Dual Q) and exceptional Argentinean DJ. The show Dual Q travels from the bottom to the top of Argentina to bring the best DJs to the airwaves to represent their country’s underground music scene. As a resident in one of Argentina’s highest regarded clubs, as well as continually touring the country, Gerardo knows this atmosphere and energy inside & out. His experience from the early years of house music have given him great insight into what has happened in the industry, and what is still to come.


Have you seen any changes to the scene since you have been a part of it?

Many. Since I’ve been a DJ I’ve seen underground electronic music become massively popular (some years ago when Creamfields Buenos Aires would get around 80,000 attendants, or Pacha Buenos Aires would be crowded every weekend with great underground DJs in the booth such as James Zabiela or Luke Fair). I’ve also seen it implode and go back into the underground, and then I’ve seen it morph into pop music and become even more mainstream than it was ever before, which in time, also brought new audience to the underground scene, helped by them getting used to the electronic sounds and starting to wonder what else was out there other than Avicii or David Guetta.

Many DJs mention Argentina as their favorite country to play in – what do you think makes it so special for the artists and audiences alike?

The Argentinean public is very passionate about the things they like, they are loud and outspoken about them. Be it sports, music, or anything else you can think about, not just electronic music.  Because not only [do] they like to club and dance, they like to learn about it. It’s a very well instructed scene, with years and years of background and growth beneath it.

“And that vibe, that energy, you can really feel when playing for people who really enjoy what you do.”

la boite

Which venues are your favorite to play at? What makes them stand out to you?

Actually, I am blessed with being a resident at one of the best regarded clubs in the Argentinean undergound scene, which is La Boite.

This is a club that has been around for 10 years now, and every year has been better than the last. I haven’t met a DJ that has played La Boite and has left unsatisfied, so I would put La Boite at the number 1 spot on my list.

Also there are some amazing clubs in Buenos Aires, such as an underground classic, Bahrein, or a pretty new one, MOD which holds the Unnamed and Superlab events, that have great public, very into underground music.

Which Argentinian DJs and producers do you think will be making an impact on the scene in the upcoming years?

These aren’t exactly new names, but I think Facundo Mohrr is due a global blow up and I think it won’t be long before it happens. He is one of the best DJs and producers I’ve had the pleasure to play with.

Also Mike Griego is on the rise, he’s been around for a while also, but recently he’s been focusing a lot more on his music and I think he’s gonna hit it big soon.


It’s easy to see that Argentina will continue to be an important and influential part of the underground electronic music scene for years to come. Keep tuning in to Gerardo Boscarino’s Dual Q to hear from the latest Argentinean DJs & listen to FRISKY Loves Argentina for a whole day’s worth of impressive music: 

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