FRISKY Loves Sullivan Room

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Sullivan Room
Premiere: Saturday December 14th @ 11AM EST[Convert timezone]

For nearly 12 years, Sullivan Room was one of New York’s most memorable and accommodating clubs, hosting an international representation of the finest electronic music. When they opened their doors in 2001, it was with the intention to be a gleam of hope in a city recovering from tragedy, and for over a decade they brought inspiration, family, and life-changing experiences to a wide range of dedicated house music fans. Sullivan Room followed a different formula from the other clubs in the city, taking risks by flying in underground DJs from around the world, rather than relying on one big name resident. By taking chances on new talents, the sound was always fresh and the experience was always special. In 2009, Frisky Radio brought their deep sounds to the Sullivan Room with its inaugural getFrisky! NYC party, the perfect fit for an event featuring Sultan, Royal Sapien, 2DamnCheeky, and Gilk.

On Wednesday November 20th, with less than 12 hours notice, the club was forced to shut down for good. Although the spirit and energy of Sullivan Room may not fit with the future businesses taking its space, the memories it created will forever live on in every one who experienced this unique and creative location. Frisky Loves Sullivan Room is a tribute to all those people who made a difference by being a part of it.

Featuring: [line up in order of appearance]

•    Dani Lehman
•    Daniel Wilde
•    Gel Abril
•    Hector Romero
•    Lele Sacchi
•    Rich Foster
•    Rob Keith
•    Samsara Brothers
•    Silky
•    Teenage Mutants
•    The Scumfrog
•    TiTO

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, December 14th starting at 11AM EST, and keep the music, energy, and memory of Sullivan Room alive. For show times in your timezone where ever you are in the world, click here.