Discover the Depths of Slovenia’s Ever Evolving Underground Scene

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY’s global underground electronic music showcase returns with FRISKY Loves Slovenia.

The wondrous country of Slovenia is home to beautiful landscapes, cities, and people, a welcoming place where its 2 million residents are happy to show you what makes their home special. There is so much to appreciate, from the food to the architecture, the lakes to the wine, but our focus is on what we most love to explore: their underground electronic music scene.

Our host for these travels is indianX, who has been a part of building the Slovenian scene since the beginning, helping push the music through his PR, booking, and promotions for the landmark club Ambasada Gavioli and his own Mild ‘N Minty events.

He introduces us to Slovenia with some insight into the country:

“Living on love lands is definitely special because of the province itself. Once a long time ago, the Slovenes were spread over whole of central Europe, also known for their hospitality and friendship. Even their country has been named with the word that describe that – Karantanija. Most of foreign visitors can feel that also now a days with us.”

“Then there is the surrounding of pure nature. It is special because in the distance 300km (186 miles) from West to East and 125km (77miles) from North to South of the country four different climes are mixing, so there is indescribable diversity of living world. We are living in national park on every step. I love when you can walk around in nature and you can drink pure, cold spring water. You can swim in emerald green rivers and lakes still full of life. I love cold winters with snow down to -20°C (-4°F) and warm summer up to 35°C (95°F). So in April you can go skiing in high mountains on North and with 90 minutes of drive you can swim in sea or even closer in any lake if you dare.”

“I love diversity of people living here, as they are cultural different on each step… even from valley to valley sometimes just around the hill, the dialect of language is drastically different. We have more than 50 dialects. Being surrounded with four countries Italy (roman), Austria (german) , Hungary (ungar) and Croatia (serbo-croat) our diversity is unbelievable, especially on borders. To me language is something that makes me love this heaven on earth because it’s so advanced and fruitful, taking shape in thousands of years. We have so many expressions while using it that some times foreign languages even don’t have words that we have and are so dry. For example I cant find word in English for ‘suhoparen’ in Slovene so I use dry which is the closest I can get.”

“And when you check out our Cuisine you’ll be astonished… simple example… we have more than 100 kinds of tasteful bread, that I didn’t find anywhere in the world. And believe me we eat as kings in traditional cuisine with all kinds of influence throughout history. As we are speaking about the food, we surely have one of the greatest vineyards and wine in the world, not only the oldest vine that is more than 400 years old.”

The People:
“Some of us lived in several economic systems from Socialism and then become Independent and get into European Union again and run sick neoliberalism/capitalism. But we see things as no one can see and others can’t really talk about it because they don’t have real life experience.

While living among us it’s really hard to get into the real picture relationship among us Slovenes. That will come together when they are pushed right over the limit to the edge. I guess our whole history gave us some kind of stubborn surviving mode. We can take a lot…”

With this in mind we get into our zone – the underground electronic music scene and indianX’s bold statement:

“We were and we are the hardest Party people in EU.”

The Early Days:
“Slovenian electronic dance music firstly grew on Techno, later on House… From the beginning of the 90’s we were so few that we were a sort of family. Perhaps 200 ravers in whole country. Soon sides of interest were established and the fellowship fell to pieces. There were few events in that time and even those were sabotaged when the other side made their events on the same date on purpose. Ugly games. In the mid 90’s I tried to re-establish friendship while working as PR & Booking manager for a third party, a strongest club in the region Ambasada Gavioli. I covered the whole Alpe-Adriatic region in radius 400 km and invited local artists from four countries to establish a sort of electronic brother hood. And those were the days of club Golden Age and real subculture.”

“On one hand our country is small, so there is a small number of target population. We have plenty of organizations (crews) that make events, they are also promoters and DJs on those events. Almost on any kind of festival there is also a electronic music stage, there are and were also pure electronic music festivals. There are plenty of venues where you can make events but those venues have all kind of genres (pop, rock, metal, turbofolk, balkan…) so actually any real electronic music clubbing scene doesn’t exist any more. I mean clubbing on weekly basis, with resident DJs and the crowd supporting them, feeling this warmth of belonging to a tribe, knowing each other, going there on every weekend.”

“The scene is crumbled, there is too much of everything, and with individuality that can be expressed or satisfied, people don’t find/feel them self as part of a bigger thing. It is the life of individuals and like that it’s hard to get followers. It’s hard to expect that events will be full. Quality goes down, there isn’t any consistency as plenty of DJs come and go, which also happens with organizations and promoters. Only a few ones has a consistency and control over their events. On one side electronic dance music has become commercial, but it’s stagnating as there isn’t enough health criticism to give a lift for new ideas or classic quality…”

“We live in flood of electronic dance music culture but some of us are thirsty as never before.”

FRISKY Loves Slovenia is here to unite, to quench that thirst for connection and community that this music has the ability to create. Featuring artists whose love for their music transcends the political or social rules, binding everyone through a common passion, and transmitting to the rest of the world the energy of Slovenia and the power of its people.

Premiering June 24th @ 9AM EST / 3PM CEST [convert timezone] FRISKY Loves Slovenia features the music of:

Ben Gashi
Sima Deep
Ani Onix
Alex Nemec

FRISKY Loves Slovenia