FRISKY Loves Poland – Saturday September 28 2013

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Poland
Premiere: Saturday September 28 2013 @ 9AM EST / 1500 POLAND

Frisky’s global music showcase continues with a trip to Poland, where we find our next group of dedicated and passionate DJs. Combining Frisky regulars with select brand new artists, Frisky Loves Poland will be covering the country’s dance music scene through a variety of perspectives and sounds. Expect to hear some deep and melodic progressive from favorites such as CJ Art and Marcooz, with house, ambient, and electronica represented by Adam Zasada, Paul Kwitek, and Ambeam.  This is just the start of what you will experience, with ten Polish DJs bringing their unique touch to the day-long event. Although there will be a variety of styles and grooves represented, all together these DJs and producers are creating a complete and seamless journey from start to finish, proving what truly makes the Polish music scene special. Tune in Saturday September 28th starting at 9AM EST / 1500 POLAND – you won’t want to miss a beat.