FRISKY Loves Norway – Saturday September 7 2013

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Norway
Premiere: September 7th 2013 @06AM EST / 12PM NORWAY

Frisky Radio’s global music showcase continues with a journey to the Nordic to spend some quality airtime with the best electronic music representatives of Norway. Featuring some of the top producers in the country, Frisky Loves Norway will be presenting the latest tracks from Robert Solheim, Terje Saether, and Of Norway, through their finely tuned DJ sets. From the underground house and deep dub techno of Balerik and Marianne Iren, to the dark progressive house and tech house of Giselle Moen and Luis Molinari, Norway’s DJs will be representing a wide variety of genres that mix to create a unique experience indicative of their home. The whole show will be a adventure into the music, a whirlwind of influences all working together to bring the listener an experience to remember. Tune in September 7th, starting at 6AM EST / 12PM Norway!