Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Ireland
Premier: May 25th 2013 @ 9AM EST / 1PM IRELAND

The groundbreaking “FRISKY Loves” series keeps rolling strong with FRISKY Loves Ireland premiering on May 25th. Featuring a variety of DJs who represent the best of what the Irish scene has to offer, FRISKY Loves Ireland is going to be an epic event for house music lovers everywhere. Keep tuned in all day long and hear sets from 10 outstanding DJs and producers, including Ian O’Donovan, Full Funktion, and Shane Robinson.

For many generations, Ireland has spread its unique musical influence through a variety of different genres. Now Ireland’s finest DJs are coming together on FRISKY radio to showcase their perspective on what really makes Irish music special. Varying from Techno to Melodic Progressive and every undefinable groove in between, this lineup is full of stellar artists who are excited to share the best of electronic music from their part of the planet.

Learn more about the FRISKY Loves series & listen to the last episode here: FRISKY Loves Holland.