FRISKY Loves India – March 29 2014

Lauren Krieger

Frisky Loves India
Premiere: Saturday March 29 2014 @ 4AM EST [convert timezone]

On Saturday March 29th 2014, FRISKY returns to India for an update on their continuously thriving dance music scene. Featuring some of the most popular and well respected DJs in the country, FRISKY Loves India is a journey into the depths of underground music, and a reflection on the impact it makes on those who are a part of it. Including FRISKY Radio residents as well as new talent, FRISKY Loves India will fully immerse you in the various sounds and styles of India.

With DJs representing a host of the biggest and most influential players in the country’s dance music industry, FRISKY Loves India will be an epic event from start to finish. Coming from Submerge, one of the original groups that paved the way for homegrown talent by bringing in a wide variety of international acts, are DJs Shubs and Nikhil Chinapa. UnMute Agency, a successful agency dedicated to pushing Indian artists to the forefront, is represented by Audio Units, Vipul, and FRISKY artists Arjun Vagale and Praveen Achary. These artists, along with Color Ray, SEQU3L, and Surge[IN], are also being presented by Juicebox Music, a premier label whose FRISKY show always dominates the international airwaves. Booking Agency and Promotor “sLick!” is another FRISKY resident, whose creator Prateek Pandey will be making an appearance on the show. Coming from Tenzi FM, a radio station based in South India that has been bringing the club sound to their diverse listeners, are Stalvart John and Greg Tomaz. SQP, a project created by Shubs and Nirali Thanawala designed to help artists and brands get the right presence in the India scene, is also promoting this special event.

With the backing of India’s most dedicated groups, and featuring passionate DJs who focus on music first, FRISKY Loves India will be an event you definitely won’t want to miss. Tune in starting Saturday March 29 @ 4AM EST [convert timezone] for a one-of-a-kind experience into India’s underground… FRISKY style.