Lauren Krieger

Frisky Loves Holland
Airing: April 27th 2013 @ 4AM

Since 2005, the “FRISKY Loves” series has been a unique platform for showcasing the sounds and energies of countries and regions across the world. friskyRadio was the first to bring this concept to the airwaves, and has since featured over 30 locations, from Russia to Denver and everywhere in-between. Although electronic music is truly universal, Frisky is able to share the unique atmosphere that is found in each region by selecting exceptional DJs who transmit the soul of their home through the music. The “FRISKY Loves” series allows listeners around the globe to experience the best of what each featured location has to offer, with a wide variety of talent and hours of music that keep you tuned in all day long.

Now this popular and groundbreaking series is returning on Saturday April 27th with FRISKY Loves Holland. Known for its beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle, complete with tulips, canals, and windmills, Holland is home to many top DJs who each bring something special to the tables. Some are DJs you’ve been listening to on friskyRadio for years, while others are going to be brand new discoveries, but all will be representing the true essence of Holland through their collective sound. Get ready by listening to the first FRISKY Loves Holland, and be sure to tune in this Saturday to hear the latest music from the greatest DJs of Holland.