FRISKY Loves Estonia – Saturday October 26 2013

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Estonia

Premiere: Saturday October 26 2013 @ 9AM EDT

For the next leg of Frisky’s worldwide tour, we will be traveling to Estonia, where the music scene continues to grow and leave a lasting impact on the industry. Home of the Tallinn Music Week, Estonia prides itself on being a fantastic host for this multi-genre and international music showcase. The electronic music scene is strongly represented in Estonia, and it is here where you will also find some of the most passionate and talented DJs and producers in the world. Frisky Loves Estonia will be bringing many of them to you through a day-long showcase of electronic music. The show will be featuring a wide variety of genres, with quality and passion always the constant between them. Expect some mind soothing chill out from Zero Gravity host Martin Grey, banging house from Janika Tenn, deep and techy prog from Mindgamers, and much, much more. When exploring the sound of Estonia, expect no lines to be drawn between genres, just powerful, passionate music coming from those who live their lives by the sound. Join in next Saturday October 26th, starting at 9AM EDT, and explore the best of what Estonia’s dance music scene has to offer.