The Concept: Pick a region, usually a country, and showcase its electronic dance music to the world. The hand-picked DJs from the friskyRadio robots are sure to paint a unique picture of whats hot in that part of the world.

The Show: friskyRadio Loves…

The History: It all began with Argentina. Back in 2005, we had an idea: Why not do a show solely on Argentina, where some of the most passionate friskyRadio DJs and fans come from. Indeed, the first friskyRadio Loves Argentina wasnt even called “friskyRadio Loves Argentina,” for even we didnt know what a unique concept and show we were pioneering. At the time, there was simply nothing like it anywhere: not on Internet Radio, not in FM radio. Like so many things on friskyRadio – we were the first to bring the ‘Country/Region’ showcase concept to the world. Since then have visited well over 30 countries or regions, from Russia to Finland, from Turkey to Greece and everything in between.

friskyRadio Loves Argentina: We go back to the one that started it all for us – our love affair with all things Argentina. Its DJs consistently rank amongst the most popular with our fans, its fans being amongst the most vocal and passionate about their music, their DJs and their favourite radio: friskyRadio. This one’s for you Argentina. This one’s for the great state of Argentina

This special comes with an extra side order of awesome as it kicks off a year-long celebration of friskyRadio’s 10-year anniversary! Thats right, 2011 marks our 10th year in existence! What started off as a single stream by a geek with too much time on his hands has grown into a world-wide phenomenon! Over the next 12 months, we will celebrate this huge milestone the only way we can: by giving you the best in electronic dance music anywhere on the planet; with some extra surprises and giveaways here and there… 10 Years… And we’re just gettin’ started.

The FRISKY LOVES ARGENTINA – 10 Year Celebrations Kick-Off Event airs Saturday January 29, 2011 starting at 08AM San Francisco (11 AM New York | 1300 Buenos Aires). Click here for more information and line-up.