Frisky History: Passage celebrates 7 years of adventures in music

Lauren Krieger

Hassan Rassmy and DJ DenKo discuss the evolution of Passage

Passage with Hassan Rassmy & DJ DenKo has been going strong for years, just recently celebrating their 7th Anniversary on FRISKY with yet another show filled with solid progressive grooves. A fan and staff favorite, Passage always delivers a top quality sound complete with thick rolling beats, beautiful melodies, and thoughtful progressions from start to finish. When you listen, it comes as no surprise that this duo continues to find success through their combined efforts. In honor of their recent accomplishment, we catch up with these two DJs to learn more about the experience from their perspectives:

What started your desire to have a radio show?

DenKo: As far as I remember myself since I was a little kid I always feel excited while I was listening to radio. I was keeping notes about tracks and then almost every week I was going to a local store to record tapes with my selections. Radio was an amazing world for me and I had always in my mind to be a radio producer. Years passed and started to make my own sets at home and then started to play in private parties for a hobby.

Hassan: Well before having my radio show I used to record sets and burn many copies of it on CDs to share it with my friends, so I almost did it on monthly basis but when frisky launched back in 2001 I was almost listening to it all the time and I started to get the desire of having my own show aired on this radio but at the same time I knew that it wasn’t yet the right time, I had a lot of things to learn at this time.

What brought you to FRISKY?

DenKo: A few years ago i was asked to make a guest mix for dPen’s show on Frisky Radio, at that time dPen and I, had a couple of gigs together in Athens and I found it very interesting. At the same time  i made a couple of Unofficial remixes on Dousk & Nikos Diamantopoulos and this was one of the reasons that I was asked from Frisky Radio to join them as an Artist Of The Week. That was the final point before I become a resident having with me on the show one of my best friends Hassan Rassmy from Cairo.

Hassan: In 2007 i was invited to the Artist of the week slot then in 2008 I made a guest mix for Sol Solar show after that I thought of sending an email to frisky asking them about the possibilities of hosting a 2hrs show with my friend Denko and the answer was quick and very positive.


Hassan Rassmy

Take us through the process of creating your show every month.

DenKo: Since then, every month, I try to find the best tracks that could fit best in my shows, looking for fresh releases or unreleased tracks. Through the years a lot of producers trusted me some of their tracks,  in order to include them in my sets. I love to mix my DJ sets on my CDJs so I can keep in them the same feeling with a live appearance.

Hassan: It starts when the previous show is being aired, I almost listen to tracks everyday either from producer friends, promo pools or checking new releases on beatport so I create a folder for every month and copy all the tracks I like for the next episode in it and keep listening to all the tracks again to be able to feel the journey for the next episode, that’s it I choose a day and start mixing it.

How do you think your style and techniques have changed since the beginning?

DenKo: Through the years I try to keep the same DJing style I was inspired in the early 90’s when I was playing oldskool stuff. The only thing that changed all this time is the sound in the tracks, in the early years round 1994 was closer to Trance and now we got heavy basslines, Progressive house feelings mixed with Tech grooves.

Hassan: I think my techniques did change for sure as i always keep learning new tricks or skills so I get new ideas for mixing the show every month.



How has having a show on FRISKY effected your life and career as a DJ?

DenKo: These seven years on Frisky Radio effected more my emotional life than my career as a DJ. For me a very important thing is that I have fans from all over the world, I made some good friendships with people who are involved in this scene but the most important thing for me is that every time I prepare and mix my session for Frisky Radio I actually clear my mind from the daily routine and fill my batteries. Last thing I would like to mention about my show is that you always have to remember…

Love Comes Dancin’ !!!

Hassan: Frisky radio is always getting bigger and better with really great shows I am just glad to be part of it.

Listen to their anniversary show now!

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