FRISKY History: Mark Youssef celebrates 8 years of Sleek progressive music

Lauren Krieger

Sleek has stayed true to its roots, recently celebrating 8 years of top quality prog on FRISKY.

The deep and thoughtful progressive of the last decade continues to shine with new music lovingly curated and mixed by Egypt’s Mark Youssef. Featuring unique guests who complement the stylistic approach of Sleek, Mark’s show is always a must listen for those who love an upbeat energy with melodic flowing rhythms. For 8 years, Sleek has brought the listeners his distinct sound perspectives, and now he gives us some insight into the background of his show.

What started your desire to have a radio show?

10 years ago I was thinking in having my own vision in electronic music, so I started to think to have my own show to present my style and taste which was progressive house music along with trance and to present new DJs and producers as well.

What brought you to FRISKY?

Ahh very nice question actually I know frisky radio from 2004 and since I listened to what they present back then I immediately think this radio is presenting what u trying hard to do and I felt that my music will fit perfectly on and trust me in that from 2004 and I knew that frisky will be so big station on internet :)) That’s because they were presenting a very good taste of music we all think back then this genre was going to die which is deep and progressive music.

Take us through the process of creating your show every month.

Every month I should first present a new DJ because as u know my show 2 hours show, first hour for me and second hour for a guest DJ and always there is a line up for the second hour and for my hour  it’s a very long story from checking maybe 800 to 1400 promo music emails and to choose from them just 8 or 9 new tracks and trying to figure out playing it then mixing and mastering it, it takes a lot of time sometimes it took the whole month creating it.

How do you think your style and techniques have changed since the beginning?

My style in music didn’t change much because I do love proggy stuff from deep to breaks to progressive house music but my techniques changed a lot, playing on a radio something and playing in a club another thing and I did both and both will effect on your techniques a lot.

How has having a show on FRISKY effected your life and career as a DJ?

As a show host a lot of pressure and very hard work, Frisky as I told you from day one for me and they are presenting a very very good music and people behind this music so you have to be unique among all this music and do your own thing and to present something different all the time… letting you know a lot of people around the world and it’s a very good feeling when people telling you that u made your job well 🙂 For my career as a DJ it effected so much Frisky now is number 1 Radio Station and I am celebrating my 8th year on it what a feeling tho  :))) Thank you Lauren

Love and Respect to all

Celebrate with us, listen to Sleek now!

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