FRISKY History: Fernando Ferreyra on making music for Dreamers

Lauren Krieger

Celebrating 6 years of Dreamers, Fernando Ferreyra takes us deeper into his music.

Fernando Ferreyra recently celebrated his 6 year anniversary on FRISKY, an awesome accomplishment made even more impressive as Dreamers has continuously remained at the top of the Weekly Top 10 list, a favorite of listeners around the world. Dreamers is a smooth two hour journey, winding between tunes with ease and bringing memorable moments to the forefront through carefully crafted compositions. Fernando embodies the essence of “progressive” as Dreamers continues to keep driving and building into the future, while bringing listeners music that soothes and inspires the soul.

Now he takes us deeper into Dreamers:


What started your desire to have a radio show?

Since I was able to access a computer, I’ve been recording my sets, many years ago, with more rudimentary technologies. With the years and faster Internet, I met, for a great friend, Nick Lay (today already dead) friskyRadio, and I really liked all that I heard, great artists, beautiful mixes.

In parallel to this, I had begun to create mixes for other smaller online radio stations, with very good comments about my mixes. Until one day I received a mail from the staff of friskyRadio, inviting me to participate in an Artist of the week, I accepted with great joy and pride.

This special show had a great acceptance by the public of friskyRadio. They offered me, to have a monthly two-hour show, a dream come true for me.

From that day to nowadays, every single month, I show to you my selection, my show, my dreamers.

What brought you to FRISKY?

The quality of their artists, sound quality, the global reach of this radio, how important it was to show my work in the world’s largest online radio.

Take us through the process of creating your show every month.

To Create Dreamers each month is not easy.-
Try to make every single show unique is not easy.-
Getting the music I want to show you is not easy.-

But not impossible, Every month I get a lot of music from record labels, from Release Promo, and many producers who kindly sent me their songs.

Throughout the month I’m saving this music, the Saturday before the issuance of my show (second Tuesday of each month) I start hearing one at each track, and I create a very wide selection, about 50 tracks (from 500-600 tracks), then I start with a much more demanding selection, until I reach about 24 to 25 songs, and with this, I attempt to create a story, with my selection through each track that I choose and order the use it.

I try in each dreamers, tell a story to you, that touches the heart, it touches the soul and sweeten the ears.

Each track has a position in every moment of the show. The most important thing is that this show emotions me at least once, if it not does, back to start again.

How do you think your style and techniques have changed since the beginning?

My musical style (Progressive House) NEVER changes, I mean it really won’t change, there are no fashion styles for me, it is only my personal taste, and the great love that I have about music, I consider myself a music crazy lover, the progressive house.

My techniques have perhaps changed a bit, creating new versions of each track, so that they are not common to other sets, adding sounds, texts, effects, etc.

How has having a show on FRISKY effected your life and career as a DJ?

FriskyRadio really has given a lot to my career, it gave me the opportunity to let the world know my work, I have great pride in every month being the most listened show, in many cases surpassing super-recognized artists.

I thank to FriskyRadio every day for everything I’ve gotten through this years, have many followers around the world.

Because I am a lover of my principles, never change my style, I managed to have more live performances.

In final FriskyRadio gave me a lot for my career, I feel the FriskyRadio’s staff is on my back always, to support me and help me, so I always appreciate, I say thanks for the opportunity and support that they has always given me.

Thank you for all the wonderful music, Fernando! Dreamers is a must-listen every month, with a back catalog of mixes that remain timeless. Dive in now!:

Listen Now: Dreamers