FRISKY History: d-phrag on hosting Immersed & the importance of music

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: d-phrag’s Immersed has created deep connections through the uniting power of music.

When you listen to an episode of Immersed, you can feel the passion that d-phrag has for the music, the energy and effort that is put into every moment. For almost 10 years, Immersed has been the home for d-phrag’s creative expressions, showcased through deep & driving underground electronic music that takes the listener on an adventure in sound. Not only a talented DJ, he’s a great person, and I was excited to catch up with him to learn more about the history of Immersed, and what it takes to keep the long running show a success.


What started your desire to have a radio show?

Back over 10 years ago internet radio stations were rare thing and I gained some followers by sharing my sets of free hosting sites. Suddenly I was approached by Frisky boss Faisal (by recommendation from a DJ which name unfortunately I now cannot remember, sorry) to do a Feelin’ Frisky set. Of course, I jumped to the roof of joy and obviously I’ve made an impression to Faisal, so I soon after this I’ve been offered a monthly residence.

What brought you to FRISKY?

I think the answer to this question is actually in the previous answer – but still, I have been a fan of the station since the early days, when friskyRadio has been streaming Essential Mixes. So, being on an already legendary radio station was a dream come true.

Take us through the process of creating your show every month.

Being swamped with promos every month, it is getting dsc_7253harder and harder to select tracks that represent my vision for good electronic music. I usually start selecting tracks almost immediately after the current month’s show has been streamed, but by the end of the month there could possibly be 3 or 4 different mixsets that I’m deciding on. Everything starts with a single track – something that I’m dying to play and I’m constructing the whole set around one track. During the process of selecting tracks I’m finding some other gems and I’m starting over, with a different mood. Then when the air date approaches, I finally decide which one of these few candidates is actually worth labeling “Immersed” – I have a very, very loyal fan base and I cannot afford to make a mediocre mixset, just because I don’t have enough time. Each of the DJs on frisky has to juggle many roles in his daily life and sometimes we don’t have enough time for our passion, because of family, work and other obstacles.

How do you think your style and techniques have changed since the beginning?

We all evolve with the music as it evolves. Genres are blending more and more, and to be honest, I’m now playing stuff that I would never have imagined I would play. As for techniques – I’m trying to play as many tracks as possible in a single set, because I am getting bored with certain bassline or pattern very easily, not to mention that current trends in progressive house and techno reflect in tracks with over 8-9 minutes duration. Track tempos become slower and slower, but somehow producers still manage to inject drive and boom into those peaktime bangers we all love.

How has having a show on FRISKY effected your life and career as a DJ?

It is not an overstatement that music changed my life.

Almost 8 years ago I have been approached by a listener of mine – expressing his support of my work, who later turned to be my business partner and my best friend ever. I’ve met many, many great people worldwide just because they have been my followers. Music has always been an universal and boundless language, something that unites people with different lifestyles, beliefs and culture. I would even dare to compare the effect of music and friskyRadio had on me with the birth of my two children – it is THAT important.

Thank you d-phrag! I really appreciate the thoughtful insight into Immersed, and hearing about the experiences that prove just how special this music really is. 🙂


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